Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Traditional Bull Race In Kerala

Bull race in kerala are the most traditional and sporty agricultural game villagers during the harvest season of kerala.
Bull Race Of kerala
                Bull race in Kerala are very traditional and a agricultural sport. Maramadi Mahodsavam
(maramadi bull race) is the biggest and most sporty bull race held during the harvest season of Kerala. Fresh fields(kandams) are used as the track for the bull race . 

Maramadi the biggest bull race event in Kerala. It’s an entertaining event for the crowd without any racing track; using ploughed fields before the new agricultural season aim is prepare fields for better yield.. This racing event is closely related to Kerala culture and tradition and Agriculture in Kerala villages.

Traditional bull race have a team of 5 members; Two bulls and 3 Guidance Persons. Two bulls and the Guidance maestro specially trained for this particular event; Speed and balance is significant in this event because the ploughed fields are little rasher; guiding maestro responsible for guiding the bulls without straying on the field before touching the finishing line. 
Mramadi Bull Race KeralaAround 30 teams are participating in this traditional event ; crowd playing a vital role in this event last from noon to sunset.

Most famous bull race in Kerala held at a small village of Pathnamthitta known as Andamali village around August on the image.


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