Thursday, 20 June 2013

Backwaters in Kerala

The Kayal Locations in Kerala gives the state a unique identity. The backwaters comprise of inland lagoons, lakes and channels that are formed as a result of the shore currents
that created islands across the mouths of rivers that flow from the Western Ghats. These beauties of nature that were formed due to the above mentioned reason has helped in adorning the state with beauty that can be found nowhere else in the entire country.

The emerald backwaters have since time immemorial has drawn travelers to it with its beauty. The backwaters that make their winding way inland arrayed with banks of coconut and palm trees, mangroves, traditional houseboats plying on them makes a picturesque setting that no one can resist. The beauty of the backwaters combined with leisurely cruises along it that take you through various villages further add to the serenity and charm that it exhibits. The Sunbath Locations in keralam also adds the beauty to your backwater houseboat trip. There are many places that make up Kerala backwaters however the best known ones that flow in the state are:-


This place with its natural harbors and extensive backwaters has made it one of the most popular backwater destinations in the state. Also known as “the Queen of the Arabian Sea” this place with its breathtaking views of coconut groves, traditional fishing nets, islands, rivulets and sunsets make this place a great backwater destination.


Formerly known as Alleppey is one of the most beautiful and culturally enriched place of the state. This place with its large network of canals and waterways has led it to be named as “Venice of the East”. This place is always included in a backwater tour of the state for the beauty that is exhibited in this place is unmatched. The backwaters of this place have so much of greenery around it that one would feel that he or she is a world apart from the modern times. This place also plays host to the famous snake boat race that takes place during the time of the festival Onam. The place is also well known for the beaches nad historic buildings apart from the backwaters.


This place was formerly known as Quilon and is one of the most picturesque backwaters of the state. This beautiful and quaint backwater is located on the edge of Ashtamudi Lake and is one of the oldest ports of the country. The lake covers nearly 30% of the town and is a great place to start your backwater tour from. The backwater tour from here towards Alappuhza is an enchanting experience and the routes that the houseboats take are simply mesmerizing.


This place is located in the Vembanad Lake and is truly a boon of nature. The charm and aura of this place is so alluring that it almost calls out to you. The paddy fields, mangroves, and palm trees that are found in abundance here adds to the beauty of the place. Here the emerald colour of the backwaters is surprisingly blue, and further add to the charm of the place. There are small islands too where you can spend a night or two as there are resorts built on them. Bird watching can be a great way to spend leisurely time here as the Vembanad sanctuary is home to many species of birds.

The state is literally filled with backwaters and the above mentioned are just a few of the numerous destinations that you can travel to when on a tour to see the Kerala backwaters.


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