Thursday, 18 July 2013

Palakkad- The Gateway to Kerala

Palakkad, previously known as Palghat, covers an area of 82 sq. km, lies near a wide low gap or pass in the Western Ghats
mountain ranges that separate Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Malayalam is the local language of this place but Tamil is also widely spoken and understood.

Consequently the city is the main junction for travel between the two states. It is the seventh most populous area of Kerala. Its climate is smoothing as the temperature varies from 15 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius. The best time for the tourists to visit this place is between September to May as the climate of this place supports tourism at this time of the year.

The good news for the quickly developing India towards Industrialization is that Kerala would have an IIT in Pallakad under the 12th five year plan.

HOW TO REACH PALAKKAD: Tourists will not have to work hard to reach Pallakad as it is tourism region of Kerala and the transportation by air, railway as well as road has been provided. The nearest airport to the hill station is located around 55km from Pallakad. As for regarding the railway, Pallakad is one of the most important junctions of the Southern Railway in the subcontinent. Even if tourists want to reach this place by road, it will not be much of a problem for them as Pallakad is well connected to almost all its neighboring districts by smooth road and efficient local transports. A number of bus services also provide service to this hill station, connecting it with a number of other cities like Trichur, Guruvayoor, Cochin and Calicut etc.

PLACES TO VISIT: The region is blessed with a rich history and natural beauty that is hard to replicate as the quaint hills of Pallakad, remains even today, untouched by the advent of modernization. You have to see this place if you are planning a tour to Kerala. It plays a vital role in the arena of plantation in Kerala, as its soft, green and undulating slopes yields some of the richest plantations of spices like cardamoms and cloves as well as tea and coffee. Some of the important places to visit while you are in Pallakad are-

Palakkad Fort: The Fort has existed from ancient times, but it is believed to be constructed in its present form in1766 A.D. The Fort is also known as Tipu’s Fort, named after Tipu Sultan. There is a large ground between fort and Pallakad town, which is used to stage cricket matches, exhibition and public meetings. An open auditorium is also located within the spacious grounds of the Fort.

Jain Temple of Jainimedu: This place is located in the Western suburbs of Pallakad town and is not far from the railway station. The importance of this place is that the region around the temple is one of the few places in Kerala where the vestiges of Jainaism have survived.

Nemara: The place is 24 km away from the Pallakad Town, which contains the beauty of Nelliyampathy Hills. Nelliyampathy hills are renowned for its picturesque mountainscapes and salubrious climate.

The words cannot be enough as there are so many places to visit in Palakkad hill station. Apart from the places I have mentioned there are many more places of attraction, for which you have to visit this place. 


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