Thursday, 12 September 2013

Kodanad, Home for Elephants

Kodanad somewhere on the belt of the south Kodanad stands
under the constituent of Ernakulam district Kerala this place is known for the hubs of an elephant. Kodanad is a small riverside village carries its own historical background and significance. Kodanad is well famous for its eco tourism just 30 minutes away kochi you see some of the appealing beauty of the southern side Kodanad.

Well for those who are planning a weekend plan then look for nowhere just try your journey at Kodanad a pseudonym of adventure is waiting for on the other side.
Over the period due to an honest approach of state tourism department Kodanad has consistently grown up in terms of delight and has been considered as the most perfect adventure spot.

History witnessed as early as 60s an elephant was an attraction for all and more interesting part since then it is growing more and more and has captured the interest of many people specially for those who makes documentary.

Elephant being a center of attraction the people comes out here in number to enjoy the scenes of pristine nature an elephant being a religious animal people here at Kodanad shows an utmost respect and treat them as a part of their family member.
A grail made of wooden alcove is a trademark of Kodanad, Kodanad elephant training camp is most popular place.

 Periyar River has always been a place of engrossment for all situated at the river bank this place Is just an awesome place to be more like a picnic spot people always flocks here to relax and enjoy their self.

Walk way at the side of the River Periyar would carry an experience of a lifetime elephant care centre, elephant rescue has been an absorbing feature of Kodanad.

Elephant Safari in Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary is again most exciting thing men can ask to have and in the morning grab yourself a chance to see how elephant takes a bath or you can even ask mahouts to try your hand on them.

Elephant feeding: to see them helping themselves and getting customize with nature is just a perfect thing to witness. Elephants out here are trained and to experience that live is mind blowing.

Most of the tourist come here to see a baby elephant getting trained however it is closed on Monday to see them growing through the stage of infants and to observe them doing things are just supreme and unbelievable.

Tourist can also visit a Malayatoor church at Kodanad near to river side but the magnitude of attention is an elephant for all the tourists who comes here only and only to see elephant’s juncture.

Kaprikkad just a kilometer away from Kodanad is also an amazing place to visit one must pay a visit and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Kodanad on the whole is much known for its tradition and familiarity with an elephant but don’t miss out to enjoy the nature epitome because Kodanad is just a right place if you are planning your trip.


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