Thursday, 19 September 2013

Retreat from the Hordes in Vizag

If you are assuming that Vizag is all about the RK Beach, Rushikonda Beach,
VUDA Park and Araku Valley, think again. Take a trip with us to visit some of the unexplored roads.

It is the idle hrs on a vacation and the day is splendid. You don’t want to waste it by staying inside the home, so ring up your friends, take out your vehicles and get towards your favourite spot, away from the hustle of the tourists. If you are thinking our city doesn’t have such retreats, think again. Vizag’s mysterious coasts hide many unexplored lands that were discovered by the adventurous and travel enthusiast youngsters.

Sravan Kumar, a final year student of Instrument Technology in Andhra University, says, “Places like RK Beach and Rushikonda Beach are too packed, so we keep seeking places. During one such expedition, we luckily reached a spectacular patch of land, which is just around 100 m away from the main road, while you are travelling from Gitam University to Iskcon temple. Opposite to the temple, is a mud road which leads to this beautiful, tranquil spot. Some bushes are scattered around the area, but the view of the sea is excellent.” Sravan and his friends say privacy is the chief attraction, along with the nature’s charm, given that some scenes of the Telugu flick Oka Romantic Crime Katha was in fact shot over here.

Jignesh Talasila, a mechanical engineering graduate from Gitam University, who is now an entrepreneur, says, “Almost halfway on the 2 km extend from our college to the IT Park, there is a turning, which leads to a distant spot similar to a valley. We frequently drive here in our cars and spend the night,”

Though the stay at night is adventurous, as Jignesh himself claims, they are a bit creepy. “It’s a little scary during night as the area is isolated; there is no human living around at least for half a kilometre, “he says. But his group admits that is what makes the tour adventurous.

A small island, on the mouth of the river Gosthani near Bheemili beach, is a secret retreat spot that Pranay Thota, an entrepreneur and his friends adore. Pranay says he explored the spot during a casual talk with a local, and ever since, his group frequents the place. “There are no trees or bushes on the island; it features only sand and stars above. It is a paradise during full moon nights. We arrange a campfire, dine and wine, and gossip to our satisfaction. We also prepared for a birthday celebrations of a friend there,” he says.

As for Sabarish, a B-Tech Computer graduate from Gitam University, the bike rides he and his group take along the Tenneti Park road, are extremely brilliant. “We stop amid the ride to sit on the big rocks along the side of the road. The crash of sea waves makes it a soothing experience,” he says. But this part is not their favourite. “After crossing the check post near the park, 1 km in front of the road to Gitam, there’s a huge turn. There is this vacant space there, where we sit and gossip. We’ve seen several people park their cars to pose for snaps with a gorgeous background,” he says. A small patch of rocky land extending out to the sea over here offers you the sensation of standing on an island, as the waves keep lashing against it from three sides.

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