Thursday, 19 September 2013

Weather of Kerala

The state of Kerala is geographically located close to the Arabian
Sea and therefore the climate of the state gets influenced a lot due to that factor. However, there are also many hill stations and regions that lie on higher altitudes than the rest owing to the Western Ghats belt along the region and therefore the climate in those regions are apparently different than the coastal regions. Well, this God’s own country as people say have the perfect weather as it keeps attracting tourists from all over the world, throughout the year. 

We can probably start looking at the seasons of the state in a bit detail. There are basically three major seasons in Kerala. They are winter, summer and Monsoon; Monsoon however is further can be subdivided into South West Monsoon and North East Monsoon. There are specific seasons here in Kerala but it must be noted that each of them do not however vary much from one another.

Winter – by the end of the November is when the chills start to make us realize that winter has begun in Kerala. This comes after the North east monsoon is gone. The cool wind and the roughness and dry weather last up until mid-February. The temperature during this period is comparatively low and wind brings cool and relaxing feeling but as said earlier the weather does not vary much from the rest of the time of the year. However, on higher altitude places where the temperature is low most of the time in a year, the winter brings in the chilly winds and few rains too during which the temperature is recorded to be at less than 10 degree Celsius. 

The rainfall is lowest in all parts of Kerala during winters. Due to the low temperature over all places in the state, this period is also tourist time when they come here in huge numbers as compared to the rest of the time of the year. The tourist influx is improved during this time and therefore considered as one of the best times in a year.

Summer – by the end of the month of February the chillness starts fading away and thus begins the summer days in Kerala. Temperature slowly rises and reaches up to 30 degree Celsius especially in the coastline areas. The summers in those areas are humid with low rainfall. However, the summer in highlands is pleasant with a tiny bit uncomfortable days. Thanks to the Western Ghats as it prevents the dry northern wind and gives the much pleasant weather throughout summer. This period goes up until May or early June and it ends with dramatic rainfall, lightning and thunder, which then begins the Monsoon in Kerala.

Monsoon – The south west monsoon is the main rainy season here. It begins by early June when the south west monsoon wind starts blowing towards Kerala. This period is marked by torrential rain and most rivers in Kerala are therefore rain fed. There is also the Northeast Monsoon which is also called the Reverse monsoon that begins by October and ends by November. It is marked by rain with lightning and thunder in the afternoons.Temperature is not very different than the rest of the year.


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