Monday, 14 October 2013

The Pristine Beypore Beach in Kozhikode, Kerala

Beypore is a small village situated at a place, from where the river Chaliyar commences,

which is at a distance of around 10 km to the south of the Kozhikode town. At its earlier days, the place was earlier known as ‘Sultan Pattanam’ during the reign of Tipu Sultan and also as ‘Vavypura; by the local inhabitants.

The Beypore Beach is one of the ancient ports and fishing harbors, situated in the Beypore port town of Kozhikode district. The beach is located at a distance of around 10 km south of Kozhikode and the port holds a significant place as a trade centre in the history of Kerala. This pristine beach is located at the point of confluence of river Chaliyar and Arabian Sea. 

At this beach, tourists can enjoy sunbathe, strolling along the beach, boating, fishing and many other fun activities. The beach poses a perfect environment for rejuvenation while watching the scenic views of the Arabian Sea. The waters of the beach also offer ideal circumstances for swimming. Even with the modern structures coming up within the compounds of the beach, the beach has not lost its appealing charm. As to the location of the beach, close to the Kozhikode city, one can also visit the nearby popular tourist attractions after some rejuvenation. 

The beach is also a significant centre for building of wooden ships, Urus. The construction of these ships had initiated from the time of early times of the port which is around 1,500 year old. One can enjoy the craftsmanship of the workers while viewing the entire process of this ship building which is in fact, an appealing attraction.

Beypore, from its early times, slowly began to emerge as a centre for shipbuilding, because of the great demand from the merchants of Western Asia. Usually, Arabs comprises the major part of the buyers of these ships. They place their orders with especial specifications according to their needs.

 Contrasting from the modern ways of shipbuilding with the development of blueprints and machinery for the building of ships, at Beypore everything is conceived in the minds of the craftsmen, after which they execute their plans as a team with a highly efficient art of woodwork.
 One gets fascinated in the manner in which the construction of Uru is done without much complexity. The place is not to be missed as one will get a chance to witness the skillful hands of the alert minds, measuring and fixing diverse sections of the ship to precision.

Some of the close by attractions of Beypore involves the fishing harbor, which is hardly a kilometer away from the shipbuilding port and Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, which is just at a distance of 7 km from Beypore.  The Kadalundi estuary is regarded as a treat to the eyes of the birdwatchers, as the place features a diverse variety of local as well as migratory species of birds. During the month of February to March, the migratory birds flock at this sanctuary in huge numbers. The Kadalundi sanctuary extends over a group of islands in a picturesque area bordered by hillocks, at the confluence of Kadalundi River and the Arabian Sea. 

Beypore beach is accessible by road, air and train. The nearest airport to this place is Calicut International Airport, which is around 23 km from Kozhikode town. While the nearest train station is Kozhikode Railway station which is around 10 km from Beypore. As for the road transportation, Beypore town is situated close to Calicut and Kozhikode which are very well linked by road to other cities of Kerala as well as other states of the country.


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