Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Perennial Vypeen

27 km long island of Vypeen is a beautiful site of tropical beauty,
which has a beauty of basic structure and it is amongst a fast developing area of Kerala.
1 amongst a group of Island at west coast it has the longest beach and allures a people in huge numbers making these places a self sufficient In terms of beauty and prospective.

Well connected with a mainland and a coast an access to here is quiet easy and people do come here to enjoy a serene beauty of an environment.

Nedungad, A beautiful small island at the site of Vypeen is much smaller as compared to Vypeen and Cherai beach but an ambiance here is so lush and beautiful people here comes in numbers to admire a beauty of this relatively small island.

Lighthouse of Puthuvype, just a distance away from a beauty of Vypeen is a beautiful lighthouse at a beach side of Vypeen. Amongst a prime destination of Vypeen this place is just of class and dignity.

Cherai Beach, renowned for its shimmering beauty a journey to this island would be incomplete if you fail to attend here. A tranquil beauty and nautical beach refers to a supreme delight and sovereign beauty.

Amongst a prime destination of Vypeen, Cherai beach is just a splendid its calm environment where a wave grudges and touches a sand of land which leaves a people with a thought of beauty Cherai Beach is surely a place you want to see.

Walk here at the shores are just a god like thing velvety soft sands touches a palm of innocence that walks and admires a beauty of nature.

Pallipuram Fort, pristine fort made by Portuguese during 16th century smells historical and significant. Hexagonal in shape it is at the extreme northern site of Vypeen and has a beauty that connects a present with past.

 A class of Portuguese shown at a site of Vypeen is just extraordinary and brilliant. One must pay a visit here to witness a beauty of this fort which is of class importance.

Elamkunapuzha Temple, amongst a most valued temple at a site of Vypeen, this temple is just a class and valuable from all standpoints. Devotee here comes in numbers to cry their prayers and feels a vibes of God who in turn has graced this place with its omniscient and presence. Be here and feel blessed as the ambiance is truly adorable and amazing.

Veeranpuzha, a part of Vembanad lake here you would see a big Chinese nets flashing inside a river where fishermen waits to catch a fish in numbers.

It would be interesting to see here a beauty of famous Chinese fish net which is used by all the fishermen here to catch a fish, in fact a Chinese nets itself is of attraction believe it or not many people comes here at tropical beauty to see a big Chinese nets which is quiet amazing but whatever a reason is people do love to come here and enjoys a beauty along with a nature.


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