Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Thrill of Adventure, Makes Kerala Women Travel Solo

Unlike the tradition, many women in Kerala are getting on solo trips to refresh their mind and soul.
"Women can never be safe in India," is the common stigma related to this nation. But that has not stopped many young girls from Kerala,
who taking on solo trips to discover new places, taste unique dishes and take on the unknown.

Karuna, a devoted traveller, said, "When I revealed my plans of travelling alone, to Kolkata, after my graduation, many got annoyed with it.” But she was not going to throw away her dreams because of other people’s disagreement. Eventually she was ready to travel to her proposed destination. 

She said, "I had planned for the trip from long before. I had prepared a list on the destinations I would visit and the places where I would stay. This planning kept me from hassles during the trip.” Karun stated that the trip boosted her confidence and gave her new enthusiasm to take on even more trips in the future.

Many women believe that solo expeditions are a way to rejuvenate their mind and soul. Sanchita, a news journalist of a television channel says, “A solo expedition will certainly change your life for good. I have been to Banaras and Varanasi even after facing criticism before every journey. 

Everyone said it to be unsafe. Still, I was determined to take on with my solo expeditions and I have no regrets for anyone of them." Sanchita prefers it solo. She adds, "Many of my friends also enjoy travelling, but as our schedules and budgets won’t match most of the time. I usually end up travelling alone.”
Precautions to Be Taken
Most of the women solo travellers agree that travelling alone always gives them excitement, but at the same time they have be cautious and responsible. Renuka, who is another travel enthusiast from Delhi, says, "Although these trips bring excitement into our lives, a fair bit of being cautious is necessary. I yearn to go to places less travelled, like distant rural villages in the different parts of India. 

But because of my safety precautions, I have never landed in trouble.” Nikita brings forward the thrilling experience of her first solo adventure. She reveals, "Near the place I stayed in, a Gujarati wedding party was on. My hotel manger was a nice person as he accompanied me to the wedding party where we had loads of fun. The party gave me opportunity to make friends with many other people from Gujarati community.”

However, Nikita agrees that one must expect the unexpected during such expeditions. "Women travellers are usually attacked with vulgar remarks and cruel stares, and even mobbed by strangers. It was lucky for me that I didn’t have to face such situations,” says Nikita.

Anjali accepts the hard fact. "While taking on solo expeditions, we prepare ourselves for the worst circumstances. Moreover, I have faced unpleasant experiences, mostly while travelling in Kerala than in the northern parts of the country. But that’s not for every time, you also meet extremely helpful people during such trips," says Pournami.

Meena Shankar, an avid traveller from Trivandrum says, in the northern parts of India, especially villages, locals are more welcoming and helpful, which is not in the case of people living in metro cities. "With an organized itinerary, solo expeditions for women can be fun and safe. Though, it is always better to avoid travelling at night. If you are travelling in a train, book an upper berth, which is always a safer option. To experience solo trips are fun, but carelessness will attract unwanted problems," advises Meena.


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