Monday, 9 December 2013

Dream come true tour of the green country - Vagamon

Vagamon – the green country, it’s like god has created this place with his
own hands and when you visit this place you feel like time has left this place alone. I have visited Vagamon once and this was my second visit but for me it was like I was visiting this place for the first time. I was visiting with my friend Giby and my boss Sunny (in the office).

Before this both of us had traveled to several beautiful and wandering places, but unlike most of our trips this was planned suddenly. A day ahead of trip he informed me about visiting this place; he asked me, have you visited before? I said no! Thinking that he might cancel the trip as for me Vagamon is like a paradise and in any circumstances I won’t let him cancel this trip. 
We booked one double room in a hotel in Vagamon then. We headed from Trivandrum in early 6 a.m. in boss’s Royal Enfield STD 350 after we reached Erattupetta at 10:30 a.m. It usually takes a bike rider 3 hours of time but as we went slower it took us 4 and half hour. As soon as we reached there both of us headed to a restaurant where authentic Keralite food was prepared, we ate till our dummy blast and also satiated the hunger of the bike by fueling it full tank.

Then after spending almost an hour and half at Erattupetta we moved to Vagamon at 12:00 p.m. From here it was my turn to drive as boss was a bit too tired. As we went a little distance up the hill, the bike stopped as a little problem occurred. We were in a middle of nowhere with our bike stopped, we were tensed. Boss checked it out; the bike was heated as it was drawing a load of more than 140 kg. After a sudden stop for 20 minutes we ventured onwards and moved up the hill.

Our second stop was at the popular waiting shed, we had some juices and venture onward to Kurisumala Ashram which produces best quality non-skimmed Kurisumala milk. This time boss was riding as I was a bit tired. We parked the bike and walked in to the ashram. Boss was amazed to see a Swiss bull in the ashram. 

But the ashram authorities have a strict rule for the outsiders that visitors are not allowed to see the cattle inside the shed due to the risk of getting the cattle infected. Saddened from there, we headed to the tomb and Chapel of Francis Acharya, boss took out his camera and we had one each snap. Presently, the Ashram has become a transfiguration for lots of unsatisfied people who visit this place for eternal satisfaction and inner peace.  

Later we moved to our next destination that was the meadows of the Vagamon. The sudden climatic changes of Vagamon struck us right there as we felt with chilly breeze that passed by. It was really invigorating. 

The serenity and spontaneity of this place was truly magical and clean enough to grab a moment of any one’s life for a second. These are the places that are frequently used in shooting of many South Indian film duet songs. The place is simply outstanding and any visitors who will come here is sure to fall in love with.

It was 3:30 pm when we left for the roaring waterfalls of Vagamon. One can see numbers of waterfall in Vagamon which are stretch from one point to another giving life to many of the animals and birds as well as the floras. The view of the waterfall as it was falling in to the sheer gorge was absolutely mind blowing. 

Both of us had many pictures clicked in and around the vicinity of the waterfall. The chirping of the birds and the flow of the swinging trees provided a natural music as we were making a video of the falls and the surrounding areas which were strikingly beautiful.

Then it was about 5: p.m. when we moved to the suicide point which is another prime magnetism of this emerald beauty. We left the bike near the entrance and headed to the destiny which is placed at a distance of 2 km from the entrance gate. 

We walked the distance as no bikes were allowed inside the entrance gate. While we were venturing nearer to the Suicide point we noticed that there was no other than us, it was a perfect loners place. It is the place which was used in the Mohanlal’s starrer Spadikam. For a moment I thought, where are moving towards, as we got closer and closer, I felt like I am in my dreams.

As we walked we saw remnants of a building, after a little amount of time we finally reached the Suicide Point where numbers of suicide points could be seen. Then suddenly something white in front of us appeared, it was the evening fog that usually occurs in this place in the evenings.

 The fog confused us for more than 10 minutes to find the right place then all of a sudden (shooooo….) the fog disappeared. The mesmerizing beauty of the place was uncovered, we felt like we are close to a paradise, it was the point where the sky and earth met. The scene which we saw was truly astonishing and majestic, it was like we got what we were searching for. Incredible, regal, magical, beautiful all the words can never describe that place.

We left the place as it was getting darker and darker and moved towards our next destiny that was the pine forest. We didn’t spend much time in the pine forest as we could not see its beauty besides seeing the tall trees which were actually very tall. We headed to the hotel for our overnight stay. 

All of a sudden while riding the bike as it was my turn, I remembered one thing that we forgot to click any scenes while visiting the Suicide Point. The sheer beauty of that place didn’t even let our mind to think about   in that heavenly abode. 

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