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Anamudi Peak – Pride of Gods own Country Kerala

Standing tall inside the Eravikulam National Park at a height
of 2, 695 meters (8, 842 feet), Anamudi Peak is the highest point of South India and of India outside of the mountain ranges of the Himalaya-Karakoram. It is a paradise in the wild bordered with emerald forests and inhabited by wide species of flora and fauna. The peak is beautifully set at the Southern part of the national park at the meeting point of the Palni Hills, Anamalai Hills and the Cardamom Hills.
The verdant forests are also the source of many fast flowing and scenic rivers of adjacent Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The name Anamudi literally means ‘elephant’s forehead’ referring to the mountain.         
Flora and Fauna: The peak combined with the park is home to one of the largest surviving populations of Nilgiri Tahrs, Gaurs and the Asian elephants. Among the exotic flora found in this place, Neelakurunji is the major attraction as it blooms in every twelve years. The last time it bloomed was in 2006, according to the visitors the whole area illuminates in a whole new world when the flower blooms at its best.    

Things to Do:
Trekking: It is the major activity that you can relish on your visit to the park, all you need to do is take permission from the authorities of the park and then head on to the top of the peak. You are truly to be captivated by the scenic grandeur and vistas which are spilled all over like a painter sprinkling his works on a canvas. Have you ever thought how it feels to be at the top of the every South Indian people? If you haven’t done it yet, then just contact the wildlife authorities and indulge in this mesmerizing trek.

The trek is difficulty is a walk up and almost every enthusiast can par take in it. The most convenient point for starting your trek is from the beautiful hill station of Munnar. The north and south slopes are easier compared to the east and west slopes which are much harder with precipitous rock faces. 

While relishing your trek you will get many opportunities to sight some faunas and avian faunas which will make your trek an interesting one. Do make sure to carry a camera with you to capture some of the best sites of nature.

The view from the top of the peak of the surrounding areas and the faraway places are captivating enough to create an artistic mood in the mind of yours.    

Best time to Visit/Climb: The best time to indulge in a trek/visit the peak is from the month of January to May and October to December. The climatic conditions remain pleasant and agreeable during this time making it comfortable for tourists to climb the hill.

Accommodation: Large numbers of staying options are available in Munnar if you are to visit the Anamudi Peak. The hotel ranges from budget to luxury and are festooned with all the required amenities to give a tourists a fully satisfying stay. You can choose your staying options according to your budget.   
How to Reach:
By Air: Kochi Airport is the nearest major airport to this place at an expanse of 125 km. You can get a taxi for Rs. 3000 (approximately) to reach Munnar.

By Train: Angamaly is the nearest railhead to this place and is placed at a distance of 120 km. You can get a taxi at Rs. 2500 (approximately) to reach Munnar. Theni at 60 km and Aluva t 110 km are other nearest local railheads.

By Road: Munnar is well connected to major South Indian cities including Coimbatore (163 km), Ernakulam (135 km), Kottayam (148 km), Madurai (167 km) etc.   

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