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Beal Fort and Beach, Among the Best Tourist Attractions in Kasargod District

The northernmost district of Kerala, Kasargod is very much renowned
for its historic forts, captivating rivers, picturesque hills and scenic beaches. The towering circular fort at Bekal, in Kasargod district is one of the largest and best preserved forts in Kerala.

The scenic stretch of glittering sand close to the Bekal Fort is known as Bekal Fort Beach, which has been developed as a striking beach location by the Bekal Resorts Development Corporation (BRDC). BRDC was set up by the Government of Kerala to enhance Bekal as an eco-friendly destination. The corporation has developed 19 acres of land of the Bekal Fort Beach as an eco-friendly destination at a cost of around Rs 25 million including land purchase charges.   The corporation is also planning to develop another 11 acres of land at the beach for the construction of Water Park, theme park and much more.

The Bekal Fort
Some of the interesting features about the Bekal Fort are the tunnel opening towards the south, the water tank involving flight of steps leading to it, the magazine for storing ammunition and the wide steps leading to the Observation Tower, which is a unique aspect.  From the Observation Tower one can get a wide view of the neighboring towns like Pallikkara, Bekal, Uduma, Kottikulam, Kanhangad and many more. During the earlier times, the Observation Tower was of great significance as from here one could observe even the smallest movement of the enemy, hence safeguarding the fort from any enemy attacks.

Bekal Fort was not the centre of administration, as no remnants of mansion, palace and other similar structures exist within the premises of this fort. Without doubt the fort was built particularly to fulfill the requirements of defense. The outer walls of the fort has holes are designed to defend the fort successfully. The fort also has holes at the top which were utilized to attack enemies at far distances.   The holes at the top were utilized to strike at far distances, the holes below were utilized when the enemy got closer and the holes underneath them were meant to strike the enemies at very close distance. The fort has an excellent technology for defense.

The Bekal Fort Beach
This picturesque beach is located at just 1 km away from the Bekal Fort. This beach is just 1kms away from Bekal Fort in Kasargod. The Beal Fort Beach is a perfect place to visit during your beach vacation with a breathtaking view of the historic fort and sufficient amenities to make your visit a memorable and a rejuvenating one. The white alluring sand of the beach stretches over an area of 35 acres and is one of the best maintained beaches in Kasargod. Bekal Fort Beach is a sight to treasure with palm trees dotted along the beach and two spectacular sculptures with eye-catching paintings created by the artisans of Nilambur.

 A beautiful walkway has also been built in this beach to allow the visitors to enjoy the picturesque views of the place while walking along the coastline. The beach looks even more beautiful after the sunset with the illumination of electric bulbs dotted along the beach. Sheds has also been created at this beach which allows the visitors to enjoy the cool sea breeze while admiring the beautiful sight of the beach with glowing electric bulbs in the evening. Children can also have fun in this beach with the facility of park especially made for them.   
Best Time to Visit
During monsoon the region in and around Bekal experiences heavy down pouring so the best time to visit the place is before the rainy season. Summer is the best time to visit the place as it experiences pleasant climate during this time of the year. So, from September to July is an appropriate time to visit this place.

How to Reach
By Road: The fort and the beach are easily accessible by road from the bus station in Beal, located at a distance of about 3 km. 
By Rail: The nearest railway station to the beach and the fort is Kasargod, on the Kozhikode-Mangalore-Mumbai route. 

By Air: The nearest airports to this beach and fort are Mangalore, about 60 km away and Karipur International Airport in Kozhikode, about 200 km away. 


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