Monday, 20 January 2014

Bio Environmental Sarovaram Park of Kerala

Sarovaram Park is an eco friendly recreational area which is developed adjacent to the city
of Kozhikode in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Nestled within the charm of Canoly canal this project has been the landmark and its eco friendly concept reflects their concern regarding the norms of nature.

Situated within the boundaries of an ecosystem which consist of wetlands and flourishing mangrove plantation enclosing bird habitats calls for hegemony of nature. Talking about its construction and development, the project has been drawn in conventional kerala Style.

Although the whole project has not been concluded but its few stages which is open for public exhibition calls for it full development within a few period of time. If you wish to spend your evening then walk into this place because no evening can be enjoyed well than this place as the surrounding beach and Mananchira Square revealing the beauty of their site relates to the charismatic environment.

This stunning bio park of Kozhikode is fully owned by government and the basic goal of this plan is to preserve nature and its parts like wetlands and mangrove by following balance methods. Beside that it also looks to encourage eco friendly tourism within the region of Malabar.

Here we must look to thank government for initiating such a noble project to embrace the Mother Nature which in turn would not only help the environment to flourish but would also help the people to earn revenue.

What’s more amazing to note is that the project is looking to develop and preserve one of the 27 wetlands which was recognized by the Government of India for conservation under National Wetland conservation programme.

The wetlands which has been identified by the government relates to the natural phenomenon as this wetlands are enriched with 7 mangrove spices. Beside that this mangrove associates the brilliant fauna of protozoa and Otter.

Another important feature is it looks to preserves 20 types of water birds. The project area which generally commands an area of 200 acres within the periphery of Kottuli in Kozhikode city and in Vengeri and Kasaba villages is affluent in bio diversity and the total cost which is incurred to established this amazing bio park scales the amount of Rs 17.5 crores.

To envisage this project the area which has been marked under the consideration are divided into 6 zones which includes Green Belt, Canoly Canal, Active Recreation Zone, Kalipoika, Bird Sanctuary Area and Mangrove Bio Reserve.

An essential apparatus of this plan includes facilities like canal walkway, boating facilities, Otter Park, Butterfly Park, bird sanctuary, aquarium, coracles, floating rafts, board-walk, park musical fountain, open air theatre, Interpretation centre etc.

As of for now the first phase of the project is well on its way to entice the tourist what’s more interesting to see is how this project would operate and would deal with the tourist once it is fully completed. However one must remember the site is being developed to preserve the incident of nature so one must take an initiative to enjoy the course responsibly. 


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