Thursday, 2 January 2014

Christmas Treat Within the Wonders of Kerala

Tropical beauty of Indian Territory where festivals and occasions are a part of their culture and every time they looks
to go with a boom when auspiciousarrives at their door and to follow this statement howabout the event of Christmas which is the most active and waited carnival of the year.

As we all know Kerala is Christian dominated area and their firm believes gets into delight when the clouds from the west showers the session of winter which calls for the phase of Christmas.
Christmas which usually usher at the end of the year calls for a farewell to all your sorrows and escort an era of another jubilant year. So this winter during an eve of Christmas make sure to visit the below mentioned treasures of kerala.

Leisure beach which associates nature in its gulf presents the serene lagoon for you.
Surrounded by three beautiful beaches in its proximity this place is just perfect for you to settle down in this Christmas.
Nestled in beautiful city of Thiruvanthapuram, beach of Kovalam is renowned for its low tide which offers brilliant time for tourist to take sun bath, swimming, herbal message plus it holds special cultural fest from time to time.

Nuzzled outside the line of Thiruvanthapuram district, Varkala is a treat for beach lovers. Its silent and surreal ambiance speaks brilliance of time.
Renowned as seaside resort this beautiful beach is filled with many natural surprises and other special places which require special attention.
Cluster of beaches adjacent to its vicinity makes this beach a hub of tourist, so this year during Christmas fever make sure to go high on waves.

As we all know Wayanad has an address of Asia’s largest resort beside that district of Wayanad is renowned for its brilliant wildlife sanctuaries.
Filled with many amazing places, journey here during the time of Christmas would be a treat for all the nature lovers.
Adjacent to Nilgiri hills this place is a classic piece of nature where beauty meets with the historic potency of Kerala.

It is a beautiful island village of Gods own Country and remarkably outstanding place to visit.
We can define Kumarakom as an enchanting destination where tourist can actually see a true wonders of tropical hamlets. Here don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy houseboat cruise over the picturesque backwater or all you can do is plan your Christmas celebration on a houseboat, which will give you timeless memories to relish for lifelong.

Adjacent to Vembanad lake, Kumarakom offers it tourist chance to try adventure of boating and fishing beside that leisure walk down the line would be a different experience altogether.
Renowned worldwide for its majestic ambiance and tranquil environment defines symphony of nature.
Nestled at sophisticated site of Idduki district Christmas here at Munnar means a dream run which is as same as dreaming Santa at your door at night.
Confluence of ranging mountains is enough to define the beauty of Munnar, this hills station is a summer resort to the entire tourist.

Located at parallel line of National highway no 17 this designated beach is the only drive in beach within the entire Asia.
Witness the shore of this glaring beauty where fringes of coconut and palms waves in with the blow of gentle beach.
Leisure walk at a site of beach would fulfil the dream of beach lovers so this Christmas make sure you drive in to this beautiful beach.
Its beauty has been defined under the roof of golden charm and many have said this place as Venice of east, which is enough to express the divine charisma of Alappuzha.
Renowned for its boat race this beach is as tranquil as you would imagine it to be. Family fun place one can plan picnic here because the amenities and ambiance around really compliments the prospects.

Take a houseboat and enjoy backdrop of this magical backwater where essence would touch your soul and your Christmas would be as good as you want it to be.

Famous for its fort, rivers, hills and magical backwater Bekal is simply a treat and an amalgamation of all the possibilities that one would desire.
Nestled at a site of Kasargod, Bekal is just a right place to be during an eve of Christmas.
Shallow beach that runs beneath the site of Bekal fort is as good as the fa├žade of fort because it truly compliments the site as a whole.
Enchanting hills, essence of spice, wildlife sanctuaries and reserves all links its definition when the charm of Thekkady is pitched perfectly.
Conjuring one of the finest forests, Periyar reserve is just at its perk to give tourist plenty from the shore of Thekkady Periyar.

If you are in love with wildlife creatures then how about a journey towards a gate of Thekkady where you will witness nothing but the best, so  this Christmas give yourself an opportunity to explore something big and something extra.


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