Monday, 17 February 2014

Connecting Boundaries of India, Indira Point

Great Nicobar Island which is spread over north to south within the Indian Territory is renowned for its southern tip
where Point Indira lies and commands the area. Indira point which was known as Pygmalion Point is nestled within the southern tip of great Nicobar Island and from here land mass of Indonesia is just 140 km away.

Whenever the word Indira point is voiced one can easily relate its association with Nicobar land beside that one also relish the memory for its beautiful lighthouse which is very important in terms of shipping. At this point all the ships from Strait of Malacca arrives and departs.

One must also understand before an arrival of Indira Gandhi this point was renowned as parson’s point which later became Pygmalion Point and after a kind visit of Indira Gandhi an Erstwhile prime minister of India the point was renamed as Indira point to commemorate and to pay respect to the deeds of Indira Gandhi.

From Port Blair the capital of Andaman and Nicobar the lighthouse is 540 km away which means one would require travelling more than a day to reach this point and from Sumatra Indonesia it is just 150 km. perhaps its close proximity with neighbouring nation has made this place an important landmark.

However one must remember the Tsunami of 2006 that dampened all the structure of the station excluding lighthouse and within the wave of it many lost their lives but thanks Indian Coast guard who took an active measures to reconstruct the dying walls of the station and today the lighthouse is assessable even by road

The tsunami that trucked the base of the lighthouse was partly damaged and as per the geologist that Tsunami that occur here was initiated by an Earthquake of the Indian Ocean which resulted in creating a monstrous waves which subsided 4.25 m of the lighthouse but thanks to the Coast guard who showed their brilliance of work to make it stand again.

It has a 35 m high cast iron lighthouse which commands an area of 16 nautical miles range. Lighthouse is documented with DGPS system and also has RACON code G. with 300 mm 4 panel revolving light within a 2.5 diameter lantern house the site is a prominent and significant signpost of the international shipping lane Colombo-Singapore route via Malacca Strait that passes south of Indira Point.

Beside that Indira point is also housed with Helipad where VIPs’ and important personal comes to vigilante the site. Nurtured within an ambiance of Nicobar Island which covers an area of 1045 km² the site is largely covered by rainforest and because of it, the place is renowned for its diverse and vivid wildlife. Here you will witness partial population because an area is a mark of isolation where you will see island and ocean.

One must also understand Indira point is located outside the mainland of Indian Territory but it falls under the jurisdiction of Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.  

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