Monday, 24 February 2014

Historic Statue of Lord Buddha

Proving its existence to be the significant one the Karumadikuttan which is a statue established
in black granite dates back its history to the ages between 9th to 10th century making it one of the most brilliant and chronological edifice.

As per the history the statue that lives eternal believes to be at the sitting position of Lord Buddha and depicts the soul and preaching of the lord. Located near the banks of the Punnamada Lake in Alleppey District here you will witness huge gathering of crowd coming to worship the statue and the place where this statue is placed is called Karumadikuttan temple.

What is more important to notice is that the statue proves the existence of Buddhism in kerala and the colossal evident of it, is this temple where the plinth and the pediments of this statue called for its important approach.

It is believed that during the reign of Ay King, Varaguna Buddhism paved its way and was well flourished within Kerala and with its growing course they established many temples and monasteries within the zone of kerala. But with the call of 11th century Buddhism started fragmenting and with the due course of time it got uprooted and lost its way from the shore of Kerala and people gradually got into Hinduism. 

Today we will find only ruins and some evident of Buddha image and most of it were convalesced from the shore of Alleppey and Quilon and amongst it the most important one is the Karumadikuttan and it is believed to be established by the Buddhist monk and at present it symbolizes pre historic evolution of Buddhism in Kerala.

Discovered by British engineer Sir Robert Bristow who recognized the Willingdon town it is important to note only half part of the statue was found and the rest of it is still missing and it is believed that half side of the statue was crushed by the group of an elephant. At present this statue operates under the benevolent of state government of kerala.

Reflecting the saga of history and its religious potency this statue marks the civilization period where religious got importance and people got more socialize and mark the era of series of development.

Beside enjoying and witnessing the class of a prehistoric era make sure to relish the wonders of tropical beauty as serene backwaters where nature swims across to create an enigma of dreams is allured and loved by the entire tourist.

Make sure to cruise with houseboats as all the major routes travels through the shore of Karumadi so come here and recite the history as it is waiting to speak the volume of archives.

How to Reach

Nearest airport is Cochin international airport which is located at a distance of 100 km away and another airport are located at Trivandrum and it shares a distance of 139 km.

Nearest railway station is Alleppey station and Changanassery Station which is at a distance of 31 km and another one is Kayamkulam Junction Railway which is at a distance of 39 km from here.

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