Monday, 2 February 2015

Alappuzha Beach


The water waves that executes in a serine and sublime form is the most and foremost attraction the tourists will ever enjoy at the sea side. The perfect sand dune that perfectly
emerges at the coastal region is more than a blemishing attraction one can ever visualize with their naked eye.

It is almost a blessing to be the part and partial of participating for a tour in the Beach. Another charming occurrence while in Alappuzha is a houseboat cruise, the backwater of Alappuzha infact will offer you the best cruising session.


Laying off the barrel, now commencing towards the hospitality of the Alappuzha beach one can reside on the hotels which serves you the best company to feel home at a distance from the domicile where actually you feel the same.

The hotels will comfort you with the furnished bedrooms, the modernized toilets, the living room atmosphere full of coziness and a well managed kitchen is provided for you, not to forget the balcony to see the typical view of the side of the beach and glance the sight to watch and disperse the inner emotion in the scenic beauty of Alappuzha. Tourists always take pleasure in the houseboat continuously viewing the backwater.

How to Reach:

The beach is almost at a distance of about one kilometer from the Alappuzha and it is quite near and capable of visiting the beach while even exercising your muscles.

By road: The bus transportation facilities are available at a distance of about 4.5 kilometers from the beach, while on your visit to the beach by the transport means of bus, one should be keen and sharp to know where exactly the bus stand is located.

By Air: The Cochin Airport is at a distance of about 90 kilometers from the beach and one must hire a taxi for them to reach the destined destiny.

BY Train: The nearest railway station is the Ernakulam south Railway Station at a distance of about 60 kilometers from the beach and taxi and taking the bus route is a must need mode of transportation for the tourists who visits the beach. 


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