Monday, 16 February 2015

Athirapally Tourism

Location 30 km from Chalakudy town, in Thrissur district in Kerala,
India, where the Sholayar ranges start.
Main Attraction 
The 80 feet drop, mighty waterfall in the forest region encompassing the exotic wildlife and the natural greenery that adds beauty to it which surely will leave you spellbound.
About Athirappilly
Athirappilly is one of the most exotic locales in Kerala surrounded by rivers and forests. It is also considered as one of the hottest picnic spots. Nature lovers will thrive on its beauty and scenic views, as there are very few places like this that brings you close to nature and leaves you thrilled throughout your journey.

The waterfall is simply exotic and mysterious that keeps you wondering about the beauty of nature. It also houses some of the most endangered species and plants. In fact, it is believed that this region is the only place where four endangered Hornbill species can be found, which is one of the primary reasons why, the International Bird Association have announced it as an ‘Important Bird Area'. This place not only lightens your spirit but it rejuvenates you thoroughly from within.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Athirappilly is during the monsoon season. This time is when the waterfall looks even more beautiful and the rain naturally refreshes the region making it more pure and delightful.

Athirappilly Tourism 

Some of the must visit areas when in Athirappilly are as follows:-

The water falls: Athirapilly falls, Charpa falls and Vazhachal falls.

Water theme parks: Dream world waterpark, Silver storm Water Park.

Tea Gardens: Malakapara.

Anakkayam: “Elephant Pit.”

Dams: Thumpurmuzhi, Peringalkuthu and Sholayar Dams.

Thumpurmuzhi Riverview Garden.

Kauthukapak & Hollyland immitaions in Chalakudy

Things to do in Athirappilly 

Wildlife boating

Jungle Safari

Bamboo rafting


Bird watching

Tribal Visit

Nightlife at Chalakudy.

Things to carry

A torch

Knife for safety

Running shoes


Mosquito repellent creams


Athirappilly connects you to nature and rejuvenates your mind and soul. This place is indeed the best weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of big city life. A place, which is most definitely worth visiting. 


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