Saturday, 28 February 2015

Hawah Beach

The Hawah beach which is amongst the most sophisticating around the tropical helms of Kerala
lies in the feathers of Lighthouse just exceeding towards 400 m and 2.6 km from Havan Beach. The beach is named after the legacy of what hospitality stands for, it invites you with the bouquets of generosity and would make you feel like you have just ended somewhere around the periphery of your housing location. 

The streets routes are busy at the Hawah beach, you can find shops at the basement of the beach house, as it can be stated as a commercial purposes for the people who keeps the ingredients at the shop. You can purchase south Indian traditional dresses and feel comfortable after wearing the attire. 

The coastline of the beach is not as wide but you can ill your mind to get this vast experience through the extreme and beautiful factor of the Hawah beach which is surrounded and bounded with palms and coconut trees at the either side. The bed of rocks in between the ocean stimulates the beauty of the beach. 

The ocean waves are thrilling and experimental to get occupied in the hydro sensation, and get tanned in the beach after getting soaked by the heat, you can suit yourself with beverages and compliment a good time, encouraging the willing power and the aroma of the beach will make you breathe the aliveness in yourself. 

The criteria of being humble towards the hydro organic world you can experience the chilling breeze at the evening and make a dream flush in front of you by watching the red sun sets behind the hills. 


If one desires to spend a quality vacation at the beach side, the Hawah beach is the right place to look forward, it ensures you with the facilities of internet surfing’s, the exchange of foreign currency and the most you can see a doctor if you are feeling impatient regarding your health on a call, the other facilities includes the well improved laundry sections and the most you get a good transportations while hiring a taxi. 


The accommodations are very good and genuine, one can step in the hotel and can make themselves feel home, the facilities of exercising your arms in the form of swimming is also available at the Golden Sand nature. The rooms at the top floor would give you the best feeling of staying at the Hawah beach. There is no hesitation to walk in swimsuits and take a bath at the ocean water.

 The restaurant at the lodges and inn’s serves you with the most delicious and mouth watering meals that are for sure to give pleasure to the taste of the person who tastes its tang. Guests can even chill and calm themselves at the dilute sports at the nearby Lighthouse Beach and Samudra beach.


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