Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hiking In Kerala

Vellari Malai (Vavul Malai)

Vellari Malai is located in the Kozhikode district of the state and is one of the
most well known mountain ranges of the region. Hiking in this mountain range is a great treat and one should hike to the summit of Vavul Malai which is the highest peak of this range. 

The Vavul Malai has an altitude of 2339 metres and the hike to the summit is quite steep. The area has dense vegetation and it may be considered to a jungle hike. The distance that you need to cover once you get down from your vehicle is about 12 kms.

Top Station

This particular hill is located in one of the most beautiful and serene parts of Kerala i.e. Munnar. The hike here is great as the weather conditions are cool which makes hiking easier.. Atop the hill you can get panoramic view of the Western Ghats which will truly spellbind you. 

Top Station is the highest point is located at a distance of 34 kms from Munnar. Most of the tourist love to enjoy trekking and hiking and the one from Top Station to Kodaikanal trekking is truly wonderful in which trekkers cover the distance of 32 kms walking through the wooded forest, spice gardens, sprawling tea gardens and emerald green hills bedecked with wild flowers.


Located in the Pallakad district this particular cloudy hills are a grand place to go for a hike. These hills have an elevation of 467 metres to 1572 metres which gives it a cool climate. As a result of this cool climate one can hike here without much effort. There is also a dam at the base of the hill which is a grand sight to see, the dam is known as the Pothundy dam and has facilities for boating too.

Munnar hills trek

This beautiful hill station with its sprawling tea gardens makes it an ideal place to trek and hike. Enjoy your hike along the dirt paths of the tea gardens while taking in the aroma of tea that fills the air. 

The cool weather and gentle breezes that blow make the hike a much more enjoyable one. Other than these above mentioned places there are more waiting to be discovered by you. So the next time you visit Kerala take some time out and explore nature’s bounty on foot. 


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