Thursday, 12 February 2015

Kerala Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the oldest science of health and well being finds its origin in the beautiful and charismatic
state of Kerala. This science is considered to be the oldest health care science in the world and developed thousands of years before the advent of modern medicine. It is practiced till today and helps to cure various kinds of chronic diseases and routine ailments including the ones created by modern lifestyle. Besides this it also provides therapeutic treatments and helps to deal with stress, one of the most harmful products of modernity. 

A good and relaxing ayurvedic treatment helps to soothe your tired body and reenergizes you, so that you can bounce back to life. Its treatment is long lasting and results are not temporary but permanent. Ayurveda uses only natural and healthy items to provide cure ensuring that it does not cause any harm or negative side effects to the user. It is a completely natural process, mostly dependent on the blessings of nature. It is thousands of years old and thus tested and trusted. 

The term Ayurveda means ‘science or wisdom of life’ and is based on the ancient philosophy of deep understanding about the eternal truths about human body, spirit and mind. It is used for the treatment of both physical and mental ailments.

Today the science of Ayurveda has found acceptance and recognition all over the world. However Kerala being its birthplace people still come here to find some original and authentic Ayurvedic treatments. 

There are a lot of treatment centers and spa which provide various kinds of Ayurvedic treatments ranging from simple stress relaxation ones to the ones that cure serious and deadly diseases like cancers, motor neurone disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis, Gout, various problems related to joints and movements, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes and many more. 

Some people just come here for a good ayurvedic massage to relieve all their stress and tensions and rejuvenate themselves. Some of the important benefits of Ayurveda are that its retards the aging process, improves immunity, corrects metabolism, repairs wear and tear of body, releases stress and tensions, improves memory and intelligence and revitalizes mind, body and soul. It is a great way to a healthy and happy life.The credit of introducing this safe and secure method of treatment of various ailments and diseases goes to Kerala. 

This state is truly blessed by nature and is known as ‘God’s own country’ for its serene natural beauty and charm. It is believed that the first Eight Vaidyas or the family who discovered this science belonged to Kerala. Long before the advent of modern medicine they used this natural method of healing to help people deal with lots of life threatening diseases and saved thousands of life. 

The basis of this medical system lies in the right diagnosis of diseases and then using proper medicines to cure it effectively. The whole basis of this is the proper understanding of human body and its functioning so as to accurately recognize the cause of its malfunction and properly rectify it.


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