Friday, 27 February 2015

St. Philomena church

sure that the European people who reside in Mysore
back then had a sacred place to devote themselves towards Jesus. It was the optimistic year of 1941 that the church was finally approved to worship. St. Philomena has still not yet received the funeral rights; her body is still preserved underneath the dungeon of the church.


As we know the church has been raised up in the guidance of Dally, the architecture procedure that followed to build up the church was the Victorian gothic style which was extremely fascinated at the time in Europe.

The church has been build up royally and the art of work is just amusing and matter of fact the chronicles of the church subordinates are factual, the implements of the work that needs a cheerful applause is the worship hall, it adjusted and lounged to pre-occupy more people they could at a time.

The floors are made up of marbles and the statue is placed at the centre, and the most fascinating thing of the statue is it has been brought straight from France to attract the visitors. The worship hall can include more than 800 people at a time and consequently the picaresque glasses at the hall reflect the nativity of Jesus Christ and solemnly even pursue of the last supper.


St. Philomena church is amazingly decorated at the time of Christmas and is gorgeously appropriated by every people from different part of the world. It stimulates the fact that every children person needs to visit this sacred and holy place once a year, it just shrinks every sins and make your heart full of purity.

Visitors are allowed to take photos of the exterior part of the church and it would be a blessing for one to get memorandum from a blessed course. If one wants to attend the holy prayers on weekdays, the timings are as 5:30 to 07:00 in the morning and 6:00 pm in the evening and during the Sundays the masses gets started form 05:00 am to 09:00 am and in the evening the showers of blessing starts form 06:00 pm.

The utter part for the visitors is that the church remains open any day and the timing is from 5am to 6pm. The visitors are allowed to enter free of cost to enter the church and gather some ritual time with them. 


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