Thursday, 12 February 2015

Varkala Tourism

belief that taking a bath in the waters of this amazing beach washes one sin and bad karma. The alluring coastal town is also very famous for its mineral waters springs which are said to possess medicinal properties. People from far and wide come here to take bath in the mineral waters of the springs, which is said that it cures skin ailments. 

One of the prime and most unique features of this place is the presence of cliffs and is the only destination in Kerala where cliffs are found. For those whose world revolves around adventure this town has abundant to offer. Some of the prime adventure activities which you can enjoy here are wind surfing, parasailing, scuba diving, swimming etc. 

Another prime attraction which entices the visitors is the splendid Janardanswamy Temple which is also a religious centre of the town and was built in honor of Lord Vishnu around 3500 years ago. 

Devotees come from near and far in order to take blessings of the lord and this enticing temple also offers fascinating view if the seclude beach. During the festive season several cultural activities are held in the complex of the temple which also enhances the beauty of Varkala tourism. 

Stroll along the colorful bazaars of the town for a variety of wonderful handicrafts such as products made up of oysters and shells, horn engraved articles, tea and aromatic coffee and spices. 

Varkala tourism offers wonderful allure to make your holidays unforgettable and memorable. The tourist attractions encompass mesmerizing beach, mineral water spring, adventure sports and numerous alike. 


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