Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Bekal Beach

Bekal Fort situated in the midst and the enriching harmony of the water by the side of the perpetual
communication of the everlasting beckons, the thrilling memorandum within a former epoch. This primary keepsake of the country possessed with own divinity vestiges over the periods as a hushed suspects to decades of excitements regarding the fruitful years. The Bekal Fort and the beach have been the major attraction for tourists and the historians for decades while it represents reminiscences of a superb past. The beach is at the mesmerizing side, it mesmerizes the whole scenic beauty of the fort, and it induces the gorgeousness of the serenity of the place.


Tourists are attracted by the optimistic sand dunes that grave the liveliness in ones eye. It stimulates the inner happiness. The hot sun at the top of the head is one of the most ravishing factor that attracts the tourists in this beach, people outside from India comes here to take Sunbath and all they ever wanted is to get tanned. 

What more a visitor could ask for than the furry coastlines, the beach while serves you with the silent and peace environment that makes you leave your part and partial of life and feel relax at the sheds of the trees. 

The attractions are mostly caused by the fort which engraves and believe to have a tendency to build up an image, personifying the islet as a surrounding. The bed of rocks that tempts every water waves to shuffle up and down is the most pleasant thing to visualize. 

The rain of October that serenades the beauty of the sea is one of the most beautiful attractions that one can ever see in their life achievement period. The temples also play the vital role building up the audiences and attracting more people in and around the native land of Kerala.


The ambience of Kanan Beach Resort is the most expertise modeled in the feathers of nature. The ayurvedic resort has domicile atmosphere qualities with brilliant natural beauty and grasslands. The remedy has beautifully kept the flora neighboring including of the seashore. 

For the sensitive tourists, exclusive amusements concluding fishing and folk entertainments are performed and the best part of staying in the ambience if Kanan Beach Resort is that the management pupil keeps a healthy relation between their customers. The celestial and ceremonial form of dance known as Theyyam attracts the tourists as well. The beach is covered with the lush vegetation of trees and serenades its beauty with the waving flowers; the resort emits a heavenly ecstasy on the dwellers.

How to Reach

The closest railway station to Bekal beach is the Pallikere railway station at a distance of about 1 km away from the beach, so one doesn’t have to hesitate for the rail transportation system as it is only a moment of far from the beach. 

The nearest airport to the Bekal beach is the Mangalore airport which is at a distance of about 61 km from the beach and tourists are directed to take the bus routes or one can even hire a taxi for easy accessibility.


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