Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Dubare Camp

The place well known and celebrates its incredible shelter for Elephant camp, a forest reserved on the river bank of Kaveri
in the district region of Kodagu, Karnataka. It is the most significant pedestal for the Karnataka Forest Department’s Elephants. The elephant which is inaugurated in the Mysore Dusshera gets trained form this elephant camp. At, this moment, after classifying the procedure have stopped, the elephants virtually withdraw from performing in the festive eve but somehow the Elephants manages to give convey to the tourist at their back. Accumulation to the elephant guidance camp is the chief magnetism of the forest area.


The tourists therefore will get astonished to feel the natural beauty of the flora and fauna. The most important and amazing attractions are the trekking in which one could have lots of experience while you exercise your muscles and make a trip to the wildlife attraction. The elephant rides are the most important and functional attraction in the Dubare camp, while the elephant rides gives you the satisfaction and the imperial pleasure that one can ever wish to have in their entire life. The river which can raft you across the either sides and give you the eternal feeling while they catch fishes with the help of nets and one can even prolong with them at the river bed for the most authentic view from a proper mainland trip.


The hotels that will felicitate you with the best accompany and will make sure that you feel the relaxation and pleasure of staying in the ambience of Dubare. The Orange County resort makes you feel the comfort zone while you make sure yourself to stay in the guardian feather of the resort, the hospitality is well and good, the management staffs will take good care of yourself and make you feel the worth of visiting and staying in the right comfort zone and it is only at a distance of about 5 kilometers from the Elephant Camp. The other hotel that makes your stay worth is the Raksh Cottage which implements your stay at the great possibility and guides your indulgence in a various way; one can even enjoy the view from the balconies. The rooms are very much tidy and clean at both of the resorts. It gives you a pleasurable moment while at your stay.

Things To Note

The most important and foremost thing to do in Dubare camp is to enjoy the elephant ride. The other formalities are to river raft and to enjoy fishing at the river side.


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