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Guruvayoor Sri Krishna temple

Guruvayur Temple is one of the most acclaimed temples of Lord Guruvayoorappan,
one of the alluring incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Located in the cultural capital of Trissur District, Guruvayur is a bustling religious centre in Kerala that draws pilgrims from all over the world throughout the year. Guruvayur temple, devoted to Balagopalan, the child anatomy of Lord Krishna is abounding centuries old. Legends say that Guru who found a Krishna Statue floating in a river at the start of Kaliyuga installed this idol with the advice of Vayu at this spot, which acquired its name Guru (Brihaspathi), Vayu (Wind God) and Oor (Land).

Guruvayoor tours will endorse you to know more about the temple ethnicity which dates back to the administration of Samuthiri Kings who ruled this part of Kerala. At night assorted acceptable temple art forms like Krishnattam Kali, Ottan thullal and harikatha are conducted in the bounds of the temple. The acclaimed Chembai music festival which is conducted every year brings some of the best exponents of Carnatic music from India and away to the temple town.

Guruvayur or Guruvayoor, traditionally is called as the Dwarka of the South, is one of the most of important holy centers for Hindus in India as this idol is said to have been worshiped by Lord Brahma himself. Only Hindus are accustomed in this temple, which is very well known for its unique traditions and temple art forms that are very well preserved even today.

The annual festival which is held for ten days long is one of the busiest periods during which the entire region gets loaded up with colorful festoons and ornamental and lightning all over. Elephant race is probably the most interesting and unique feature of the festival, where the ornamented elephants run around the temple eleven times and people cheer them often run with them in passion.

The temple is decidedly accepted for conducting weddings, naming ceremonies of babies and abounding numerous rituals. Guruvayur temple is not alone acclaimed for it magnificence and divinity but for its well acclaimed temple elephants, which are housed in an elephant shelter at Punnathoorkotta, 3 kilometers abroad from the temple. These elephants were offered to the temple by the enthusiastic admirers of Lord Krishna. 

This elephant sanctuary has over 65 elephants owned by Guruvayoor Sri Krishna temple devaswom and is measured the individual largest group of cultivated elephants in the world. It is accessible to the public where they can watch these elephants and jumbos getting fed and bathed.

Guruvayur travel is simple and harass free as it is easily attainable by road and rail. The closest airport is Cochin International airport, which is 90 km away. There are numerous accommodation accessories around to cater to the needs of the visitors. Thus any travelers visiting this place will have a very memorable time as everything from the transports to hotels and numerous attractions make their vacation a remarkable one.

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