Monday, 9 March 2015

Kadathanadan Kalari Centre

Kalaripayattu the heritage form of martial arts which was developed by their ancestor even before an arrival
of Chinese and Korean discipline can be considered as gift to modern generation to praise the art of self defense. It is believed that the history of its creation dates back the time of 3000 years and to preserve such endowing art culture an organization name Kadathanadan Kalari Centre of Thekkady encourages locals irrespective of sex to join the institute to learn the basic of it.
It is believed that the Kadathanadan Kalari Centre started its initiative to pin interest of the dying culture because its significance and tradition marks the civilization of South Indian culture. The quick movements of this art form demands agility and sharp reflexes which in turn would keep the physical presence of man.
Traveler can visit this center to view the gallery which was built with the purpose to make people understand regarding their custom beside that visitor can interact with the trainers in order to get more information regarding the same. At centre trainee would have an opportunity to learn physical training and art of self defense. To see how they perform such task traveler can sneak in here at around 6 pm and between that one can also walk through the gallery to witness various exhibits.
Traveler must understand that they have classified the section for trainee to get exact idea about what they are performing. The basics would open up the muscles which in turn would make you more flexible to catch up with the tougher part of training session. Trainee would require having skills to work with weapons such as sword, spear and spring sword which are a part of advanced level of training.


The word Kalaripayattu is a permutation of words such as askalari and payattu the former means institution of Gymnasium and later connotes the term of fight and exercise.

Mythological Tale

It is believed that Lord Shiva the Destroyer trained Parashurama the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu the art of Kalaripayattu. After attaining the highest of knowledge he then trained 21 disciples the skills of Kalaripayattu to protect the land he created.

Classification of Training and Methods

Since we have discussed regarding an importance and interaction of mind and body in order to learn the skills now we shall talk about the classification which are broad and distinct as compare to other form of martial art. An art of Kalaripayattu is divided into strikes, kicks, grappling, preset forms, weaponry and healing methods where strike and kicks comes within the fold of basics and weapons along with preset comes into advance form.
Traveler must understand that the skills of Kalaripayattu is identified by its geographical location because Malayali people are more into Northern style where as Southern style are performed by the Tamils and Kerala people.
The southern style which is renowned as Adimurai resembles the soft techniques while the northern is based on hard hitting but the fact that combines the twin principle is that it shares harmony and accord which makes it generous rather than ruthless.


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