Monday, 30 March 2015

Pallikere Beach

The most celebrated beach amongst the beaches in Kerala is the Pallikere beach,
it welcomes tons of tourists every year commencing more than the last year. The visitors visit this beach to take pleasure of the real meaning of the scenic beauty of the beach. Extraordinary sights of the stream and sands blushing in the furry sense attract the tourists to appoint their visit to the graceful spot all over again. Located apart from the day to day life activities of the city, the beach provides a supernatural charisma which fondles to be sensational. The beach is overloaded with eternal serenity which can preserve yourself to your personality.


What more one can wish to shuffle at the beach side? Blemishing thoughts and aroma of natural essence is what one can enjoy and feel the eternity at the soul of the sands, the drop dead silent and the paths which mesmerizes the beach is the main attraction at the Pallikere Beach. The Chandagiri Fort is the center of attraction which is at around 4 km away from Kasaragod; Chandragiri is a small village which hosts the fort in the small hill. The Bekal Fort is the principal and the most excellent conserved citadels among in the state. 

The fort is the most gracious blessings in the land of Kerala and the most amazing factor is the 35 acres widen land, which flushes in the Arabian Sea. The surveillance loom is an eye for observant to view the distinct and clear portrait of the widened sea. There are many trees along the beach side where one can enjoy the rest shade views too, as long as plenty capacity for leisure and respite, the beach has the funds for a nature view of the Bekal Fort.


Various kinds of accommodations are accessible in the beach area. Visitors can capitalize the various options keeping a keen view on the ransom they could offer for the extravagance suits. The hotels will give you the best pleasure and the hospitality with enduring service for 24 hours. 

The numerous facilities includes the best policy of the staffs, the greetings the members of the beach garland you with and the promising factor is juiced into the liable condition and the moment which sought to be the comfort and comfy of the hotel rooms. The cool and air conditioning rooms give you the best essence feeling and make you feel alive at the beachside.

How to Reach

The nearest railway station to the Pallikere Beach is the Pallikere railway station, which is at a distance of 0 kilometers from the Pallikere church; one must take a taxi with themselves to reach the beach. 

The closest airport to the Pallikere beach is the Mangalore Airport, Kemmannugundi which is at a distance of about 61 km from the Pellikere church. The best mode of transportation to reach the Pallikeri beach is the bus transport and the tourists are directed to hire a taxi for themselves and get involve destining their destiny in the means of glory.


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