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Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled beautifully in the thick green vegetation of the Western Ghats, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
is the most popular wildlife sanctuary of Kerala, marked as Elephant Reserve and popular as Tiger Reserve. The thick green surrounding of the wildlife sanctuary provides heavenly atmosphere for abundant of wild animals and birds to thrive and enjoy the atmosphere of Periyar. Amid all, the 100 years old artificial lake is another major attraction where visitors can enjoy boat ride and get the close view of the animals and the beautiful surrounding of Periyar from close point. It is an interesting wildlife sanctuary to visit and to enjoy a wonderful holiday with an experience and touch of wildlife tour in the splendid state of Kerala.

Special Feature

Periyar is rated as the best tiger reserve, elephant reserve and is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in India for wildlife photography.

Flora and Fauna of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Periyar is well known for its extensive tropical evergreen and moist deciduous forest grasslands. The park is endowed with hundreds of flowering plants as well as splendid 140 species of orchids and 171 species of grass. The thick forest densely covered by rosewoods, jacarandas, tamarind, banyan, bamboos and plumerias. The wildlife park also has various epidemic species of plants but its beauty is enhanced even more by the agricultural region which is covered by tea, cardamom and coffee.


Periyar is well known for providing safe home to various species of animals, tigers and elephants being the major attraction of all. The park is well known as Elephant and Tiger Reserve, but there are many other species of animals that are found all around. Some animals that are mostly found inside the park are rare lion tailed macaque, Nilgiri Langur, Bonnet Macaque, gaur, wild pig, Indian giant squirrel, sloth bear and Nilgiri Marten.

Avi Fauna

Periyar National Park is home to various species of birdlife and it is found out that around 265 different species of birds are found in this park. The most commonly spotted inside this park are Nilgiri Thrush, Crimson Backed Sunbird, Sri Lanka Frogmouth, White bellied Blue Flycatcher, Black Baza and Black Necked Stork.

Trip to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Periyar is not only known for its rich and abundant wildlife, but there are many things that one get to see and experience while in this exotic wildlife. Among the many attractions the man-made lake is very important as one get to enjoy boat cruise over the Periyar Lake to catch the lovely view of the sanctuary as well as to catch the glimpse of the various species of birdlife and animals. If you are lucky enough you also get to see herds of elephants along the bank of this lake.

How to Get Here:

Periyar is an important national park and an important tourist attraction of Kerala. It is visited by huge number of tourists and more of all the well linked roadways and well knit transportation system makes it convenient to access it easily and conveniently. If you want to reach here, you can consider airways, railways and roadways to reach Periyar National Park. Below is mentioned how to get here:
Airport: Kochi or Cochin is the nearest airport located at a distance of 200 kms while Madurai in Tamilnadu is another nearest airport located at a distance of 140 kms from Periyar.
By Rail: Kottayam is the nearest railhead located at a distance of 114 kms from Thekkady, making it convenient and easier to connect from important cities of India. Daily trains are available from Delhi that connects to Kerala, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata. Once you drop at Kottayam, taxi service is available which charges around 2500 for Thekkady.
By Road Road is the most convenient and inexpensive means to reach Thekkady from the nearby cities of Kerala like Trivandrum, Cochin and Kottayam. The well knit transportation system linked by the state run government buses makes it quite easier to reach Thekkady and more of all, regular buses are available from Trivandrum, Cochin and Kottayam. Thekkady is just 4 kms from Kumily and more of all, once you are here, it would be a wonderful experience to walk through the picturesque beauty of the hill to reach Thekkady. You will also get buses, taxi and auto rickshaw which makes the journey to this famous wildlife sanctuary from Kumily easier.

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