Friday, 27 March 2015

Beauty of Vagamon

Vagamon is an alluring hill station located at the border of Idduki, near Kottayam,
like a beautiful station Munnar of Kerala, it is another beauty of gods own country, beautiful weather with a supreme delight it’s something we would spell when it comes to define a beauty of Vagamon.

Beautiful green hills look much beauty than men can imagine it to be, comprised with a beauty of wonderful hills, valley and tranquil flow of water fall all has a designated wonders on a hillocks of Vagamon.

An amazing vegetation with a lush of scenic view are all to be found in a womb of Vagamon, apart from a scenic beauty a taste here is little spiritual and serene, ever green beauty of hills that comes under a fold of Vagamon, such as Than gal hill, Murugan hill and Kurisumala all are filled with a natural beauty.

Vagamon Kurisumala

Virtual Christian pilgrim, a beautiful place and a main attraction of a Vagamon, A beauty of location people here comes in numbers on an eve of Good Friday to pay homage to a lord Christ by carrying a wooden cross at their hand.

Natural beauty of Kurisumala is just a beauty of its own kind. Pristine location has a spiritual impotence in a heart of locals and to owner its kind, people walks from a distance and settles at the height of this pilgrim.

Muruganmala, dedicated to a lord Murugan, a rock cut temple at the east of Kurisumala, carries a vibe a importance to a culture of a local habituate here, supreme location filled with a beauty of nature makes this place not only a religion zone but also a natural spot for the people.

Than gal Para, place with a religious significance for a Muslim, just a distance away from a Vagamon, here resides a saint who believed to have travelled from Afghanistan, a centennial history is reliving in a pristine site of than gal para, people here come to pay a visit to Sufi saint, who had lived a year here under a roof of religious beauty.

Kurisumala Ashram, beautiful location with a periphery of religious factors, this place near Vagamon worth your visit, a glowing breeze of wind and a perfect weather to which attracts a people here from far across the world, a beauty here is to be noticed for its religious importance.

Waterfalls, providing a life line to its adjacent area a waterfall near the Vagamon are more than just a gift of nature, its tranquil beauty and a transparency of wonders defines its origin and its importance, flowing from a cliff of rocky edges its intensity is just a pure treat for an eye.

Pine Forest, pines of Vagamon are renowned for its stretch and serenity, spend some glorious time at the womb of a beauty and go private, a walk here at the slings of beauty would stick a memory and every time you would see a pine you would recall a beauty of Vagamon.

Green Meadows, hue of beauty a pure natural ambiance at the lap Vagamon, how one would miss a trip here, a beauty of soothing breeze along with a grazing beauty of green all looks just a mere attraction it is you sure to fall in love at the gulf of meadows with a nature.

Rocky out crop, time for an adventure trip, look out a beauty of height of Rocky out crop, magnificent topography reveals a gradual force of nature in making a beauty of this kind, a beauty of cliff and a gorge of canyon all makes this place a beauty of Vagamon.

Wild Orchid, at the site of Vagamon, how one can afford to miss a beauty of variety of orchids, that blossoms and carries an essence of an immortal nature, witness a tender buds of orchids growing to be an essential of decoration.

Tea Estate, its valley of beauty and one of the most attractive places around Vagamon, to witness a beauty of plantation and to get inspired you would require a permission of estate authority, it worth your visit because it is a beauty of Vagamon.


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