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Largest elephant sanctuary in India

Positioned in the Thrissur district of Gods own Country Kerala,
Guruvayur holds some of the most interesting tourist places to feast your eyes and soul. The town is supposed to be the dwelling of Lord Vishnu on earth and holds a great significance in terms of religious destination in India.

Tourist Places of Interest:

Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple: Crowned with the prestigious title of ‘Dwarka of the South’, Guruvayur Temple is devoted to Lord Krishna. The origin of this temple dates back to 16th century AD but it is supposed to be 5, 000 years old. Idols of Lord Ganapathy and Lord Ayyappa can also be seen inside the temple. The walls of the temples are adorned with huge murals and exquisite paintings which gives it a striking look.

The temple celebrates the Sree Krishna Janmashtami (birth anniversary of Sree Krishna) with huge gaiety and fervor attracting thousands and thousands of devotees from various places.

According to the legend, when the temple of Dwarka submerged in the sea, the god of winds (Vayu) was given the task of finding a secular and sacred place. When the place was finally selected the place was named Guruvayur with the deity of Guruvayurappan. The shrine at Dwarka is said to be worshipped daily by Lord Brahma himself.

Elephant Camp: Largest elephant sanctuary in India, Elephant Camp is placed 3 km away from the Guruvayur Temple in Punnathur Kotta. The camp is spread over an area of 10 acres and houses about 60 elephants which are fed and trained for the festival of Guruvayur Temple like the Shiveli procession. An elephant race to determine the winner to whom the task of carrying the idol of Guruvayurappan is given. All the elephants residing in the camps are the offering made by devotees to the temple.

Institute of Mural Painting: Founded in 1989 by renowned mural painting specialist Shri Mammiyoor Krishnankutty, Institute of Mural Painting is a learning institute for art loving students. It is placed on the eastern gate of Guruvayur Temple and follows conventional Gurukul system to train the students. The courses offered here are in the field of aesthetics, sculpture, art and mural painting.

Chavakkad Beach: Chavakkad Beach is a famed shooting location for many of the South Indian movies placed at a distance of 4 km from the main point of Guruvayur. Surrounded by azure blue water on one side and an emerald backdrop of greeneries on the other make it an ideal place for a secluded time for loners and nature lovers.

Chamundeswari Temple: Devoted to Chamundeswari (honored form of goddess Durga), Chamundeswari Temple is supposed to be centuries old. The temple also houses a separate temple dedicated to Thazhthukavu Bhagavathy. Perfect place to feel the inner peace and seek blessings from the god, it is located in close proximity to Guruvayur Temple.

Palayoor Church: Located 2 km from the town of Guruvayur, Palayoor Church was originally constructed by St. Thomas and stands an indication of the revolutionary work of the great saint. It is one of the major places to learn about Christianity in Kerala.
Chettuva Backwater: About 8 km from Guruvayur town, this is a place that should not be missed while on your tour to Guruvayur. 

Enriched with coconut groves, islets and excellent mix of canals, Chettuva Backwater is simply astonishing gift of nature and to relish a boat ride in the thrilling yet equally satiating backwater is a real joy to any type of tourists.
Blangad Beach, Parthasarathy Temple, Chowalloor Shiva Temple, and Nava Mukunda temple are other places of interest which you can opt to visit while in Guruvayur.
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