Friday, 17 April 2015

Kodaikanal Lake

Elevated horizon of Kodaikanal which is located perfectly within
the quaint ambience of Verdant hill is amongst the treasure house of Tamilnadu and owing to its splendid natural phenomenon the tourist place is renowned as Princess of Hill station. The cool wind that blows from an adulating altitude soothes the mind of the traveler and through this article today we will talk about the brilliance of Kodaikanal Lake that contributes in making this place baton of bounty.


Kodaikanal Lake

Kodaikanal Lake which is also renowned as Kodai Lake is silently located at a distance of around 3 km from the bus stand which means traveler can walk through the shores via swift transportation of road service. Traveler must understand that it is a manmade lake and pure initiation of its establishment was instigated by the erstwhile collector of Madurai Sir Vere Henry Levinge during mid 18th century.

Geographical Features

The moment you will enter the shore of the lake the first thing that will bemuse your mind is its star shaped metamorphosis and being centrally located within the premises of Kodaikanal town the surroundings pleases the bounty of meadows and vivid hill ranges.

Hydrology and Climatic Condition

An endowing dam that you will witness here was created with the purpose to preserve marshy land where the perennial flow of the lake could sway along with its streams. The catchment around the lake experiences an annual rainfall of around 1650 mm and the summer here does not exceed more than 19 degree centigrade which in turn makes the landscape wet and dripping.

Vegetation around Lake

Vegetation around the lake can be considered as blessing of Mother Nature because lush green environment which is dominated by plants like Kurinji, Plantain fruits and plums decorates and balance an eternal gush of Kodaikanal Lake.

Aqua Fauna

Periphytic biota, Diatoms, protozoans and rotifers which are found within marine zone of Kodaikanal Lake are all associated with macrophytes that constitutes an Aqua fauna of the lake. Within the depth you would have an occasion to witness aquatic insects like molluscs, cladocerans, fish Danio aequipinnatus, Rasbora daniconius and Gambusia affinis, Larvae and many more.

Things to Do

The main motive behind travelling the distance of Kodai Lake is boating which can be considered as main water sports of the site. Traveler will have an opportunity to choose from single boat, double pedal and row boat while cruising to enquire the radiance of the Lake. Beside boating traveler can opt for fishing which can be done after obtaining permit from inspector of fisheries.

Best Time to Visit

Although the sobriquet weather condition that looms around the feather of the Kodai Lake makes it a year around destination but to get the best of experience traveler can walk here during the months of summer especially during the days of May till July would be an ideal vacation trip for you and your family.


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