Thursday, 30 April 2015

Krishnapuram Palace

Perfectly perched in the Alappuzha district, Kerala in South Western
India, the palace is renowned as the palace as well as the museum. It was fabricated in the structural design with triangular in shape and dual pitched roof, slender passage and sloping casements, beside the Krishnaswamy Temple at Krishnapuram. 

The palace is sustained by the Archaeological Department of Kerala and enclosed displayed that be in the right place to the palace and its earlier inhabitant. 

The significant factor of this palace is, it has an underground flee way which goes through the base of the dew pond as a promising way to escape course from the adversaries. 

Various Kerala- designed paintings are seen in the citadel, a clear wall painting is posh of 154 square feet, ought to believe to be the find which is prevalent in Kerala; it is placed on the basement of the citadel and is cited at the western end of the palace.


As we know the fact, the palace is composed in the land surface of 56 acres land, so the outer surface as well the interior surface of the citadel is well composed, the tourists gets attracted because of the monuments as well the remains of the historic past. The wall paintings makes the visitors take a keen look on the portrait and sense the architectural work of the ancient people. 

The visitor’s gets attracted because of the art facts made of the woods, the sculpture made up of stones and brass are more than good to see. The 10th century Buddha statue is the most essential and the most important attractions amongst the attraction that tourists will ever see in the palace.


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How to Reach:

By Rail: TThe nearest railway station to the Krishnapuram palace and the museum is the Allepey train station which is at a distance of about 2 km from the palace.

By Air: The closest airport is the Cochin Airport which is at a distance of about 50 kilometers far from the palace; visitors are directed to take a taxi from the airport. One can even take a bus from the Martur Bus Stand and make their way to the palace.


The entry is charged while one is about to get inside the palace, the adult heads are charged with the fare of rupees ten and while when the children are charged with rupees five. 

Cameras are sternly forbidden inside the museum as well if one wishes to take cameras with them than the next ransom that they would be paying is for a digital camera one needs to pay 25 to 250 rupees and one desires to make the video footage of their visit to the palace than no doubt the visitors have to pay upto 1000 to 1500 rupees worthwhile with the initiative of video filming and feature films.


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