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Kurinji Andavar Temple

Kurinji Andavar Temple which is located at a distance
of around 3km from the Kodai Lake is amongst the renowned place of worship where Lord Muruga is adored in the form of Sri Kurinji Easwaran. Bloom of Kurunji which is closely associated with the legends of Lord Muruga impales the majestic hilly slopes with its crescent essence beside that its spiritual aspects and imperative core negotiates with the brilliance of the temple. Lord Muruga who is considered as sole orgy of South Indian People is venerated as God of hills and its lofty location that penetrates the reverie of surroundings is perfectly located at an elevation of around 7000 ft above the mean radius of the sea level. The complexion of flower that blooms every after 12 years is suppose to share a bond of love with Lord Muruga and its red color that symbolizes the summit of compassion relates the glory of the god.


As mentioned above Lord Muruga who is identified as Lord of hills is venerated as Kurunji which means the hilly region and the word Andavar that depicts the divinity of god bonds the chain of relation with the name of temple.

Historical Note

Before we talk about the bridge of temple it becomes important for us to understand the bricks of temple which was established by an Australian wife of Ponnambalam during the course of 1936. According to history it is believed that she was a Christian lady by faith but while reaching the Celon she converted herself into Hinduism and married Ponnambalam.

Esthetic View from Kurinji Andavar

While walking around the floor of the temple the canoe of vibe that touches the heart would reach your soul to perfect you through simplicity which in turn would turn sensual sophistication the moment you will navigate the left cordon of the Kurinji Andavar. Dales of brilliance that intercepts the best of nature interlocks its position with the dwells of plain to perfect its way. Devotee while walking here would feel like they have enter the wonderland where proclaims of God is adjoins their faith with the biblical view of nature.


The summer festival that marks around the month of May is an annual festival and during this month millions of traveler gathers from all across the world to seek blessings from Lord Muruga.

Nearby Attraction

Some of the renowned attractions around Kurinji Andavar Temple where traveler must walk in are Kodai Lake which is located approximately at a distance of around 2 km, Bryant Park, Kodaikanal, Berijam Lake, Pillar rocks etc.


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