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Punalur is a municipal town in Kollam district in the state of Kerala, India.
It is anchored 45 km northeast of Kollam and 75 km north of Thiruvananthapuram. Punalur is the head division of Pathanapuram taluk. It is a belief that Punalur acquired its name from ‘Punel’ - the Malayalam word for ‘funnel’. Another adaptation attributes its name to be the aggregate of two words ‘Punnal’ (water) and 'Uru' (place), alludes to Kallada River that pass through the town. Punalur is on the western bend of Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve.

About Punalur

Punalur is as well considered as gateway to Western Ghats so it is noticeably accepted as Lap of the Western Ghats. In Kerala it is the 5th largest city and in Kollam it is the 2nd largest city. In 1972 Punalur Municipality was initiated. And the first paper mill of Kerala as well accustomed in Punalur. It was accustomed by the British in the year 1888. Currently it is beneath the ascendancy of Mr. Kunal Dalmia. And it is as well cogent for the plywood industries. In Kerala the largest vegetable bazaar is located in Punalur is Sri Ramapuram market. The above occupations of this abode are black pepper, elastic and other altered types of spices etc. And they export the products like pepper, pine apple, timber and plywood.


In the 1st century most of the abode in Punalur is remained as close forest. Till 1734 it was under the ascendancy of Ilaydathu Swaroopam. And later it went under the ascendancy of Marthanda Varma under the rule of Travancore. British had more absorption on this abode because of its wealthiest agronomics field. In 1522 Portuguese approved to access into this abode for accomplishment the black pepper. But the merchants in this abode exported the pepper to Tamil Nadu through 500 Bullock Carts. Due to this reason the captain of Portuguese got anger and sent his army to this abode and killed abounding people.


Other adorable places amid near the Punalur are Palaruvi waterfalls, Kallada River, eco tourism center, Agasthyamalai and Shenkottai. And other prime cities anchored near to this abode are Anchal, Ampalamkunnu, Kottarakara and Kulathupuzha and added Taluks like Chengannur and Karunagappally.

Things to Do

Trekking and mountaineering into forest with the escort of the forest department and fishing, cycling, and the tree top huts etc are the special attractions and things to enjoy the most. This is also one place where hiking and mountain biking, etc making it the paradise of adventure lovers. Thus we can say that Punalur is absolutely a paradise for the adventure lovers.


Punalur is considered as one of the hottest place in the entire South India as in summers the temperature reaches up to 38°C. Summer in Kerala starts form the month of April and remains till June, until the monsoon hits Kerala. Winter season starts from the month of November which remains till the month of April and where the temperature hikes up to 25°C maximum, with pleasant temperature throughout. Thus October to April is considered to be the best season to visit this wonderful town of Punalur.

Where to Stay

Well Punalur does not have abundant and great deals of hotels and resorts but there are more options as you reach close to Kollam. Cambay Palm is just 35 minute drive from the central kollam which is located in the lush greenery on the bank of the Ashtamudi Lake, which offers a spa an outdoor pool overlooking the lake. Cambay Palm also houses a multi cuisine restaurant with numerous other great facilities. Dreams Beach Resort, Ginger Trivandrum, Fragrant Nature Retreat and Resorts are some other places which absolutely are worth for amazing stay.


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