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Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary

Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary, amid in Kollam district of Kerala, derives
its name from Shenduruny tree, which grows in abundant here. The sanctuary was accustomed in 1984. The sanctuary is anchored in Pathanapuram, which is situated 66 km from the capital Kollam town. The park is amid by the highway of Kollam-Shencotta. The sanctuary is spread over an area of 100.32 km. It used to fall beneath the administration of Thenmala Forest Division afore its commemoration.


It has been recently found that there is Stone Age caves anchored at the north-western part of the Shenduruny River. This study has aware the advisers about the fact that the Shenduruny River Valley Civilization is one of the age-old River Valley Civilizations explored till date in India. This is because these excavations date back to 5210 BC - 4420 BC, which means these are much older than the Indus Valley Civilization, which is believed to have flourished from 4400 to 3700 BC. The cavern paintings apparent here are commensurable to the Mesolithic paintings found in the caves of central India.


This part of the forests has assorted fauna which can be explored if one wishes to access abysmal into the amount area. However, this is accessible alone with the admirable permission of the forests authorities. Indian bison, the Sambar deer, the Muntjack or barking deer, the Indian chevrotain or wild deer, wild animal and the Indian elephant wander freely on the soil of this forest. If one goes out for a walk in this forest one is destined to visit these arresting beasts. The locations of the sanctuary which are beneath exploited still serve as a home for assorted exotic beasts.


There are a abundant types of vegetations found in this reserve, which includes the west bank tropical evergreen forest, west bank tropical semi-evergreen forest, southern clammy alloyed deciduous backwoods and the southern hilltop tropical evergreen forest. An absorbing affair around this sanctuary is the climate of this abode that has accustomed over 951 breed of plants to grow in this region. Plants found in this part of Kerala have medicinal values. Hence, abounding biologic companies forward their analysis teams and scientists to this part of Kerala, in adjustment to explore assorted herbs and plants found here.


The above allure of this sanctuary is the caves located within the sanctuary that dates back to Stone Age. All these caves are accepted for their size and arresting paintings. These caves are big abundant to authority over 20 people at one time. The artificial lake amid at the centermost of the sanctuary is actual abundant accepted as a magical spot due to the several leisure activities provided in this area. Visitors can spot elephants along with other wild animals that come to drink water from the lake and as well adore baiter rides to ascertain other hidden treasures of the surrounding forests.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this sanctuary is from October to March as the arena experiences very pleasant climate and abundant greenery during this time of the year. April to June in Kerala is very hot and humid as it experiences the summer season then the Mid June till end of September this beautiful state receives abundant rainfall owing to the Monsoon. October to March is thus considered to be the best season as the November brings the winter season which remains till the month of March. During the summer and winter the timing to visit this sanctuary remains the same i.e. 7.00 AM - 6.00 PM

How to Get Here

Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is the closest airport which is located at the distance of 53 km from this sanctuary and from the airport one can easily hire taxi, cabs or ply on government bus to reach this exotic sanctuary. The closest railway station to this sanctuary is Thenmala. It is a significant railway station of south India and is very well linked with rest of the country by frequent train services. The sanctuary can be easily accessed through road from Kollam, which is the nearest town to this place, located at a distance of about 63 km. Regular bus services are available from Kollam to the sanctuary.


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