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Arabian Sea in the West is also a renowned tour destination in Kerala

Cochin sobriquet as Queen of the Arabian Sea is an important city in the
state of Kerala. Known since ages as an important natural harbor and a significant trading zone, Cochin flanked by the emerald Western Ghats in the east and the gleaming Arabian Sea in the West is also a renowned tour destination in Kerala. It has many appealing tourist attractions and places that invite visitors from overseas and across India for a Cochin trip. Here are some of the interesting places and tourist attractions to explore while in Cochin the Gateway to Kerala.

Bolgatty Palace

Converted into a heritage resort, Bolgatty Palace is one of the heritages of Cochin and is also one of the oldest palaces that exist outside Holland. The palace was built by Dutch traders in the year 1744, but now this heritage place is well managed by the KTDC (Kerala Tourism Development Corporation) and is now converted into a heritage hotel with all luxurious amenities. People who would love to soak in the history, a visit to the place would surely give them the touch of royal ambiance and glorious past.

Jew Synagogue

Jews Synagogue in Cochin is the oldest existing Synagogue among all the common wealth countries of the world. It was built in the year 1568 A.D by the Jewish trading community and later it was partially destroyed in the year 1962 war. It is an important tourist attraction to visit while in Cochin as it has an important collection of rolls of Old Testament, souvenirs and records.

St Francis Church

St Francis Church is an important historical landmark in Cochin which was built in the year 1503 by Alphonso Alburquerque. The church was dedicated to Bartholomew, but it was again re-built in 1516 and was dedicated to St. Antony, but later in the year 1663 the Dutch army invaded the church and they destroyed except St. Francis Church. It is an important historical attraction to visit while in Cochin.

Willingdon Island

Willingdon Island is a manmade Island named after Lord Willingdon, the former Madras Governor, who was implementing the Island Project. Today the island is home to Cochin Port Trust and Indian Navy. It is an ideal destination for leisure walk along the jetty and a perfect place in Cochin to enjoy evening sun set.

Thripunithura Hill Palace Museum

It is a renowned heritage museum in Kochi which has wide royal collections of the erstwhile Maharaja of Kochi. Built in the year 1865, the palace consists of 49 buildings which are elaborately architecture in the traditional style of Kerala. 

The Museum has wide collection of 200 antique pieces of pottery, ceramic vases, oil paintings murals, belongings of the Kochi royal family and architecture; rock cut temples and plastic cast models of objects from Mohanjadaro and Harappa.

Chinese Fishing Nets

It is a popular tourist attraction near Fort Kochi, which are fixed to the land and are used for a unique style of fishing. These nets are set along the shore and are set up on a bamboo and teak poles, which are of about 10 meters in height. 

It has different net that are used for the catch, according to the tidal water. It has a legend that the nets were installed by the Chinese Explorer Zheng He and these were brought from the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan.

Fort Kochi

Beside these, there are many other interesting attractions in Cochin. To name few others are Mattancherry Palace, Museum of Kerala History, Pareekshith Thampuram Museum, Fort Kochi, Cochin Backwaters, etc. These places of interest make the trip to Cochin, enjoyable and exciting.


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