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Eravikulam National Park is an important tourist attraction in Munnar

The time had changed and in this methodological epoch the toughest thing to find
is nature’s exquisiteness but there is one place where you can examine the cloud touching the mountains like the bride wearing the white gown with while wale.

 It looks as beautiful as that wedding girl containing that beauty inside as well as outside. That’s why it is consider one of the tourist’s places and a popular hill station in South India. It is nurtured from very before in Western Ghats at 6000 fts up.

 It looks like scenery to those who are nature lovers and provide them with peace and serenity. The mountains are tranquil while the silvery cloud touching these mounts gives them a great view. 

Here the people come to find stillness and relax themselves soothing their psyche and essence. There are many valleys, Hill Mountains and tea plantations forests which combine and give enormous green effects to the earth viewer.

The places to visit in Munnar

There are many picturesque places to visit in Munnar and among the many some of the below are as mentioned.

Top station

It is almost 40 km away from Munnar and located at 1880 km above sea level. Its gives a great view of white clouds over the mountains kissing and cuddling each other. The name was derived because of the location of station on the Kundala valley station of railway.

Mattupetty Dam

It is a dam located 13 km away from the Munnar. This dam is concrete one and basically used for water storage and hydroelectric projects. Its reservoir consists of brilliant natural beauty. Often the elephants visit from the water holes in dam.

Mattupetty Dairy Farm

It is also popular for Indo-Swiss farm. This is under the Indo-Swiss projects. High quality cattle are stern here and many are methodically developed.

Kundala Lake

It is sited at 20 km away from the Munnar. It is a simulated basin of an inconsequential archway dam muddled stuck between the mount ranges. It is also having the boating facility and one of the most important thing take the shikara boat ride when you reach there.

Echo point

By name you can recognize how this point works go there and scream as loud as you can……..after a second you will hear back an echo! This is how it is amazing, the kids as well as the young people going to love this place.

Blossom Park

It is located 3 km away from Munnar and it broadens over 16 acres. It is having a great beauty of nature and you can enjoy the fascinating temperament where you can relax and make yourself calm.

Tea plantations

You can’t defy the beautiful of tea plantations there, the hill stations are crawling over the mountains and placid fragrance of tea just soothes you and refreshes the soul.

Lakkom waterfalls

Lakkom is a picturesque waterfalls located at a distance of 25 kms from Munnar in Udumalaipettai. The cascading waterfall amid the lush green natural beauty makes an ideal retreat for nature lovers. Thought the falls lack height it still fascinates visitors with its captivating charm and the natural pool that is ideal for swimming and bathing.

Eravikulam National Park

Spread over an area of 97 square kilometers, Eravikulam National Park is an important tourist attraction in Munnar. It is a renowned wildlife sanctuary which is famous as the most bio-diverse regions of India.
 The protected forest is home to endangered Nilgiri Tahr (Himalayan Goat) and also various other species like Sambar, Golden Jackal, leopard and tiger. 

Inside the park also resides as many as 132 species of birds including Black and Orange Flycatcher, Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, etc. You can also find colorful butterflies of 101 different kinds inside the park.


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