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Green paradise of Mattupetty that remains immemorial to time is silently nestled
within the eternal valley of Munnar; an imposing hill station that plays defining role to cater the dimension of weather condition is endemic beside that it complements the natural world of the surroundings which in turn makes the site attractive and highly ornamented.

The elevation that it looks to command reaches the height of around 1700 m and from the top one can actually sense the guiding womb of nature, the green manures and organic farms that acts according to an urgency of tropical helms makes it sequential and seductive.

Thick Vegetation of Mattupetty

Since we understand that to be natural one would have to look like natural and here the same propensity are accustomed. The dense proportion of tea estate surrounds the air with its freshness beside that Shola forest and rolling grassland regards the magnitude of Mother Nature.

Mattupetty Dam and Lake

Mattupetty dam and its importance are not hidden from the walks of Kerala because it’s huge water reservoir which is built out of concrete paves the way for generation of hydroelectricity beside that its numerous sources that runs across the boundary provides catchment for wildlife to flourish. 

Perennial water that flows irrespective of seasons offer water for irrigation purpose and dirking. Surrounding the site of gravity dam of Mattupetty you have Mattupetty Lake where traveler can cherish the moment of life within the site of dam you would have an opportunity to ride slow speed boat and motor boat which in turn would make your journey an adventurous one.

Indo Swiss Farm of Mattupetty

Indo Swiss farm which is more popular as Cattle village was established during the time of 1963 to encourage mutual bond between India and Switzerland.

 The sole purpose of an establishment is to develop the new breed to support cattle convention and with the same aim they have developed an endowing infrastructure along with natural environment to make Indo Swiss farm one of the leading dairy farms of India.

 A walk here would give you insight information regarding cattle rear ship and their role in steering the economy of the nation.

Things to Do In Mattupetty

While coming here traveler must understand that they have ended in a land of possibilities where adventure assorts would escort you from the very moment. Adventure perks like boating, trekking and picnic would guide your journey to make it aspiring and momentous.
Best Time to Visit
To relish the symphony of tropical state traveler would require coming here during the months of May till August and it is only during that season the whole of Mattupetty would come to revive the brilliance of autonomy.

How to Reach
By air- the nearest airport to Mattupetty is Kochi International Airport which is located at a distance of around 108 km from here.

By train- the nearest railway station to Mattupetty is Kochi international airport which is located at a distance of around 130 km from here.

By road- since Mattupetty is located at a distance of around 13 km from Munnar traveler can expect to get taxi to reach the site from Munnar.


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