Friday, 29 May 2015


Nisargadhama is an islet composed by the Kaveri River near Kushalnagar in the Kodagu
district Karnataka. It is at a minimum distance of about 3 km from Kushalnagara, ranching the State Highway and 30 km from Madikeri and 95 kilometers from Mysore. The islet is significant for the spent of holiday in Karnataka. 

The islet is 64 acres widened with green plant life consisted of chunky bamboo copse. Sandalwood is widely found in the region and teak trees covers the natural vegetation of the area and makes you feel the atmosphere of natural beauty. The tourists are permitted to get in the water through the safe side of the river and enjoy the refreshing trip towards the cold water.


The main attractions are the boating’s and the elephant rides, the visitors gets more excited to take a ride on the top of the elephant and visualize the world by sitting on the world’s largest mammal, what else could be more authentic and genuine to feel the atmosphere of being on a trip which gives you the pleasure of being eternal. 

The boating’s are famous on the river side, the cold water that flames the miracle of being on the islet and makes your intensity rise up while you surf your way through the bed rocks on the river. 

The tourists are mainly attracted also because of river rafting, the executions that one can prevail when it comes to thrive the current of the water and one needs his mechanical energy to pull the strength, what more could be more exciting than this for a visitor? The eco diversity park which gives a shelter to numerous species of animals and preserves the alligators attracts the tourists from across the world. It would be more than pleased to understand the part and partial of the natural world too.


Coorg Halli Mane- A Water Park Holiday Home, It is an eco friendly holiday home which gives you the facilities with a resort too, the splendorous and equivalent hotel rooms gives you the best feeling of staying in the precise residence. 

The management teams give you the feeling of being in the aroma of healthy constituting accommodations. As well the meals are delicious and much more spiced; you can even let the servers know what you feel like to have.

 Amanvana the hotel is also known as the hole of the rabbit soul as prescribed by the authority, this resident is at a distance of about 400 m from the Nisargadhama. It delights you with the security and the services the hotels provide towards you, one can even enjoy the liquors and the beverages at the bar section of the hotel.


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