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The beaches in and around Bekal Fort

Kasaragod district has given a birth to the most equivalent tourist spot
in the form of Bekal Fort, widening itself almost around 40 acres. The valued facts of the Fort are the water preserver which voyages on the sparkling steps, the southern side has the subway for water to make a course and the most astonishing factor is that the ammos publicity is carved from here the frequency steps foremost to the surveillance loom. 

From the uppermost portion of the fort an abundant sightseeing are seen, viewing the towns as the neighboring areas like Pallikkara, Bekal, Uduma etc. The fort has been architected directly from the sea level and it is determined that three fourth of the exterior has been saturated and the water tides frequently fondle the citadel.


The visitors are always astonished with the fact and faculties of the Bekal Fort. The attractions are mainly purposed with the backwaters, the parks, the monuments and the beaches in and around Bekal Fort. One can enjoy its stay on the Bekal Aqua Park where you can exercise yourself with the pedal boating facilities, Chandragiri Cruises offers you to experience the boat rides and sail along the palm groves. 

The visitors can even enjoy the scenic beauty of the hill station in Kerala, one can visit Ranipuram to excite the thrill of vacation and trip down the trek and walk a healthy distance. Kottancherry implies yourself to associate with the natural world and breathe a fresh air; it gives you a scenic view of spice fields and mellow grasslands.

The monumental facts of this fort are the mosque, the temples, the magazine and the seaside pathway. It is whispered that the mosque has been built up by Tipu sultan of Mysore. The temple at the main Gate of the fort is committed for the Hindu peoples and the ritual is celebrated in a very ceremonial way. 

At the ancient times the magazine use to stock up the ammos and arsenal of guns, nowadays it congested to the common people and sustained by the Archaeological Survey of India. The sea side pathway is the best path to walk in with the superb portico of the fort partition to the east and the iridescent marine to the west. Path is at ease that even provides it as a perfect picnic blemish.


The ambience of Hotel Bekal palace warms your stay at Bekal with hospitality and fortunes of being blessed to stay in an ambience in there. The scintillating ambiance provides you with every possibility to rest your tiredness and make you feel the livelihood of yourself.

How to Reach

The best way to reach the Bekal fort is the transportation mode of road; the buses will lead you to Bekal at a distance of 67 km from Mangalore. The two closest railway stations to the Bekal Fort is the Kasargod and Kanhangad junction at a distance of about around 13 kilometers far from Bekal. 

The nearest airport is the Mangalore airport which only consumes approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes to reach Bekal. Tourists with no trouble can hire a taxi for Bekal after approaching here.

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